Why Automated Webinars are Better Than Live Webinars

Webinar Marketing: Benefits of Automated Webinars

Webinars are used by virtually all marketers today since they are one of the most effective ways to engage leads and drive them farther along the sales funnel. In fact, current estimates on B2B marketing report indicates that 73% of all webinar attendance result in the creation of leads.

There are two types of webinars: automated and live webinars. Which is better out of the two? It might depend on what you want to use it for. But this article highlights why automated webinars can be better than live webinars.

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What is an Automated Webinar?

An automated webinar has been prerecorded and will play automatically on a predetermined schedule without a host (or on demand). Interactions, such as polls, questions, handouts, and calls to action (CTAs), may be preprogrammed to activate at specified periods throughout the webinar.

The fact that an automated webinar can be successful even if no one is present to run it makes it unique. Of course, success also depends on how you set up your webinar. Therefore, we recommend you get an automated webinar guide to learn the right and wrong ways to go about it.

Benefits of an Automated Webinar over a Live Webinar

Here are some reasons automated webinars are better than live webinars:

You Save Time and Effort

The greatest advantage of using automated webinars is the significant amount of time and effort you save. This will enable you to redirect your attention toward other goals, such as making product improvements, talking to potential partners, working on your other marketing channels, and so on.

You Can Reuse it

Once you have completed and recorded your own presentation, you will not have to repeat that step. You won’t ever have to worry about not having access to this fantastic evergreen information.

Businesses that use live webinars are required to host these events regularly. This necessitates someone taking time out of their day to sit in front of a camera for several minutes or hours. This is different when using an automated webinar.

You Can Perfect it

Before conducting a webinar, most people are afraid of messing up. Given that most people’s biggest fear is speaking in front of an audience, this is not surprising. Even if they are not physically in front of an audience, that is no guarantee that things will be easier for them.

An automated webinar will not only eliminate this issue but also provide a significant benefit; you are free to take as much time as required to develop the ideal webinar for your audience. You can record multiple times and easily pick the best one. Obviously, you cannot do that with a live webinar.

Increased Attendance

The increased attendance rates of automated webinars can be attributed to their convenience and accessibility. Since they have already been recorded, they can be made available whenever necessary, including upon demand, to reach the maximum number of people.

Participants in a webinar can either look for a time in their own time zone that works with their schedule or join a webinar immediately after discovering one that piques their interest.


More startups and entrepreneurs are using automated webinars. And this is because of the high-profit margins and low startup costs associated with automated webinar production. All these results from the easy accessibility and convenience attached to automated webinars.

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