Why business should spend more time on Twitch marketing

Long reserved for gamers and geeks, Twitch appears to be the new El Dorado for a whole range of communities. It must be said that the platform has pulled out of the game during repeated confinements. At a time when the general public has turned to streaming and live to create links, it has broken records. 5 billion hours of viewing in 2020, an increase of 83% compared to the previous year! 17.5 million unique visitors per day worldwide! And today? Is Twitch usage a passing trend?

The exception seems to have become the rule. Nowadays, the success of this social network is such that journalists, politicians but also brands land on Twitch. The latter multiply creative initiatives. But why, or rather how, do they get started? What are the content and marketing operations on Twitch to remember?

Why Twitch?

It’s true: live shows are “commonplace” in the world of social networks. So why such a craze for Twitch? Why do brands bet on this particular platform?

Millennials and Gen Z are fond of Twitch’s live and interactive video content. So it’s a gateway for brands that target these younger generations through influencer content. Its global success is also justified by its close-knit and very committed community. In this sense, Twitch has achieved a “masterstroke”. Its formidable engagement system is “hidden” under a gamification, which integrates all the codes of its audience. To do this, the social network uses cognitive biases. We can cite that conformism with its “train of hype”, which gives the satisfaction of having participated in something, in particular by giving money. Thus, it is the emulation of the group and the fear of not being part of it, which push viewers to make donations. At the same time, starters on the platform start a very simple strategy – they buy Twitch live viewers.

Rich and spontaneous, Twitch also encourages brands to convey messages more creatively than traditional formats on mainstream social networks. The objectives are plural as are the options. It can be to spend a special moment with your community, to offer an atypical experience, or even to distribute fun and educational content. To do this, companies have a plethora of possibilities: appeal to an influencer, create a reaction emoticon (in other words an emote), interact by chat, create events.

Obviously, before getting started, it is better to make sure that the proposal brings real added value, that the action makes sense and that speaking is interrupted as little as possible.

It is also necessary to promote experiences that are both entertaining and purely informative, but also to adapt the tone of your brand to the communication habits used by your target community. And this, so as not to appear “false” or denote on the stream. In short, you have to establish a real strategy, because you are not immune to unpleasant surprises.

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