Ways To Roller Skate With Style - A Style Guide For Men

Ways To Roller Skate With Style – A Style Guide For Men

Skating is considered a cool mode of transportation therapy young guys adopt. Skates provide you speed better than walking, and they can take you to places where you do not take bikes and cars. Most of all, skates make you look daring and adventurous.

However, being a skater boy does not mean you can not follow fashion. Fashion for men comes in all shapes, sizes, and lifestyles. You can follow fashion in any way you are comfortable.

If you are a true skater boy and want to give off the vibe of a cool guy enjoying his summer holidays, then here are some ways to look effortlessly cool in your outfit.

1. Invest In Graphic Shirts And Hoodies

Being a skater lover, you should know that all great skater boys wear graphic T-shirts and Thrasher hoodies. If you want to follow fashion, then get yourself some colorful t-shirts with cartoons or graphics representing your true self.

You can easily shop online for Thrasher hoodies. You can browse to find your favorite color, most probably black as it gives a more mysterious guy look. You can also find other options if you are up for it.

2. Keep Clothes Loosely Fitted

Roller skating or simple skating requires you to wear as comfortable clothes as you can. If you are wearing tight clothes, your movements might be restricted and that can cause slip and fall accidents.

You can not try out new moves until you are comfortable with your wardrobe. So try to Style in loosely fitted clothes. For example, wearing baggy trousers instead of slim-fit jeans would be a great choice. Your shirt should also be loosely fitted to keep the air flowing inside so that you do not feel too hot on a hot summer day.

3. Choose A Trendy Pair Of Shoes

If you are a roller skates guy, then invest in the best roller skates in town, if you want to look more invested in your hobby. However, skater guys would have to choose a pair of sneakers or converse to go with the look.

You can look for ankle-length converse or a pair of white sneakers that would also look fashionable. If you want to go an extra length, you can design your shoes by yourself. Find a good pair of white sneakers and paint them as you like. Custom-made shoes look more attractive and fashionable.

4. Accessorize Accordingly

Wearing accessories is your preference. But sometimes these accessories can be helpful as well. For example, wearing chains and bracelets is purely for fashion and they might not have any practical use.

However, if you accessorize with a backpack or a baseball cap, they can come in handy. For example, you can put your stuff in a backpack, so you will not have to carry them in your hands. A cap can protect you from direct sunlight, thus helping you concentrate better on the road. You can also pair them with sunglasses to look more fashionable.

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