Caution – Move Slowly and Patiently For Super Healthy Success in Your Life!

Caution – Move Slowly and Patiently For Super Healthy Success in Your Life!

Constantly keep in mind that it took you years to get in the condition you are now, through an unhealthy lifestyle and bad dietary habits! Now you must be patient with yourself and Mother Nature and your body. Do not throw caution to the wind! If you have been eating meat several times daily, or eggs and cheese every day, you must slowly eliminate excessive use of these clogging foods. Soon your body won’t even miss them!

As you continue your fasting program, plus adding more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables to your diet, you will gradually reach a perfect health balance! This is the point where toxic poisons are no longer retained in the body and it becomes mucus-free and toxin-free. This means you have reached a peak of internal fitness, a point of perfection! This is the condition everyone should seek! This is what we want for you, our new health friends and readers: to live a long, vibrant, healthy lifestyle and enjoy eating a healthy, balanced diet while maintaining a clean, painless, tireless and ageless body!

Keep in mind that “the wheels of time move slowly, but surely”. You can’t rush your body or Mother Nature! You can’t be impatient and expect to reach perfect internal fitness in a few months! Rome wasn’t built in a day! Achieving Super Health takes both dedication and time!

What You Eat & Drink – Becomes You!

Let’s look at it from a cold, scientific viewpoint. If you eat a breakfast of hot or cold cereal or hotcakes with two eggs, bacon, three slices of buttered toast, and some beverage like tea or coffee, it is not immediately converted into strength and energy! You must realize it takes a great deal of time and energy for your stomach to mix this unnecessary, heavy breakfast with the digestive juices for the slow process of digestion and assimilation.

Many people end up throwing away all of their healthy gains because of addicted. Don’t let this happen to you. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction enter a drug rehab program and get your life back on track.

Then the separation process takes place as the proteins are broken down by special juices in the stomach and the fats, starches, and sugars are pushed into the small intestine for later digestion.

All foods need a large number of special juices and enzymes to break them down so that they can be sent into the bloodstream. This all takes many hours and some people have even slower digestions, often due to a lack of sufficient body enzymes. This is all the more reason it’s wise to take a multi-enzyme with each meal. Health stores have a wide variety to choose from. After the food has been broken down into a fine liquid by the digestive tract, it still hasn’t been absorbed by the body. The liquefied food then must move past little tissues known as “villi” that line the intestines. The suckers of the tiny villi then draw nourishment into the blood.

You Need Go-Power in the Morning!

Again, we must emphasize that this entire process takes hours – so if anyone says that you get immediate strength from eating a heavy breakfast, you know they are totally ignorant of the facts of digestion! You may say, “Yes, that’s very well but I’m hungry in the morning. I get up hungry!” We will have to answer that you are all wrong – your stomach has been conditioned to load up with food in the morning. What you mistake for hunger is simply a reflex action enforced by a long-term habit of eating a big, heavy breakfast! Once you discard breakfast and begin to live on the “no heavy breakfast” plan, you will never again put a heavy amount of food into your stomach in the morning. A heavy breakfast makes you sluggish and sleepy just when you need go-power to start your day!

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Morning is the time to drink fresh fruit juices or the Bragg Pep Drink (page 114) or eat fresh fruit. Remember that organically grown is healthier! This is the ideal nourishment for early morning because fruit requires the smallest amount of digestion. The natural sugars of fresh fruit provide you with more and better blood sugar

energy than any amount of eggs, meat, toast, donuts, or coffee. Your body needs blood sugar to operate properly and a healthy person produces about 2 thimble-full daily. This blood sugar is what powers your muscles. Fruits are light and don’t require the tremendous amount of nervous energy to digest that heavy foods require! We have seen people banish physical problems after going on the “no heavy breakfast” plan, combined with a healthy diet with plenty of fresh organic fruits and vegetables and fresh juices, and some faithful fasting!

Health Miracles are Within Your Power

Now you have a complete overview of The Toxicless Diet, Body Purification and Healing System: the “no heavy breakfast” plan (only fruit or the Pep Drink), a water-only fast 1 day weekly and progressively adding more fresh fruits and raw or lightly cooked vegetables to your diet. When you reach the point where you have fully embraced these principles, the New You will appear! You will feel completely different! You will have more energy, endurance and gopower! You will sleep easier and wake well-rested after sleep. Those nagging aches and pains that have troubled you will fade away. Your eyes will become clearer and your skin more youthful. These are the rewards you will receive when following Mother Nature and living by her wise laws!

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