The Gradual Switch: Helping Your Dog Eat New Food

The Gradual Switch: Helping Your Dog Eat New Food

Any changes in your dog‟s diet should be done gradually, over a period of time. Switching his food to a new dog food brand or a homemade dog meal might cause indigestion. Like humans, dogs have native bacteria living in their intestines. These bacteria help break down the food items that the dog eats.

When your dog receives new food, the dog‟s intestinal flora has to adapt to the influx of new food. A sudden change in your dog‟s diet might cause stomach upset because the intestinal flora will have to adjust quickly to the new diet. Any gradual shift to new dog food should take place over a period of at least five days. If you have an older dog with digestion problems, the transition period might take as long as ten days.

But after this time, you can be sure that your dog will have no problems with the new diet because you have already observed if the new diet fits your dog. If any food allergies or indigestion takes place during the transition period, you can adjust the food you are giving your dog to achieve an ideal mix. The following graphic illustration will show you how much food you should give your dog throughout eh transition period

Is Your Dog Getting Enough Water?

Generally, domestic dogs need a lot of water in order to live long, healthy lives. The common ratio is 1:2 – this simply means that if your dog eats one pound of dog food a day, your dog should drink two liters of clean water.

Your dog should have access to a clean water source so he can drink as much water as it wants. Water consumption can change if the dog is pregnant or if the dog has puppies that need to feed every few hours.

Dogs that are continually trained on a daily basis also need a lot of water throughout the day. Dehydration is a severe problem which is why you should make sure that your dog is fully hydrated the whole day.

Lastly comment

If your dog is sick, clean water should be provided several times a day – but if the dog is vomiting, do not give the dog too much water. Consult with your veterinarian and limit water consumption until the veterinarian gives you the signal that it‟s okay to provide the regular amount of water again to the animal.

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