Sound Body Yoga & Foreword

Sound Body Yoga & Foreword


Yoga literally means ‘to unite with the self’ or ‘become one’. The root word of yoga is ‘yu¡’, which means to yolk or go within the center. In the simplest terms, yoga is a practice of uniting the body, thought, and breath for living in the present without ‘suffering’. There are 3 fundamental components in the journey of yoga:

Asana – the practice of static and dynamic body movements to align and balance the physical components; Prana – the practice of coordinatingall body and mind activities with the breath; Dhayana – the practice of focusing thoughts inward, awakening creative awareness, and relaxing the mind.

Yoga is an ancient art which gives a wealth of knowledge on how to exercise the mind and body to unlock the full human potential. Asana practice is one way to achieve this. The practice of asanas challenges thought and breath patterns.

Regular practice of yoga unites the body, mind, and breath in a synchronous flow. There are many other dimensions to the discipline of yoga, some of which include: spiritual undertakings, dietary rules, sound and mantra techniques, awareness of subtle energy levels, etc.

All these practices, including those discussed in this book, are aimed at bringing consciousness to a state of ‘awakenedcontentment

This book primarily emphasizes the physical aspects of the body – asana and prana. Yoga is the mother of all physical exercises.

It encompasses: flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, conditioning, cardiovascular training, visceral balancing, and mind-body fitness.

Asanas influence the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, musculo-skeletal, endocrine, reproductive, and digestive systems. The systems in the body work in a harmonious unit where a change in one system manifests a complimentary change in all others.


Dr. Freedom is a Chiropractic physician, yogi (living with yoga), a writer, a musician, and the author of, Yogic Works. Dr. Freedom´s partner, Leela Barbara Fraser, a classical vocalist and also a yogi is the co-author.

For many of us the practice of yoga is to attend a class two to three times a week in a studio with a sticky mat. Although this is one aspect of my ancient tradition, there is a lot more to yoga than what we know as ‘yoga’ in the west. Asana practice or yoga postures are just an initiation to the great tradition of yoga. Yoga is a way of life. For preparing yourself like Yoga, If need any medicine like steroid then to find out the solution feel free to visit Pharmaqo

To us, the practice of yoga continues not only during asana practice, but is part of the business day. Yoga is sitting in traffic, smiling at a child, recuperating from an illness, sitting silently, or watching a beautiful sunset. Yoga is to be ‘present’ in the moment, to breathe consciously and observe how the inner and outer worlds interact with each other.

Yoga is taking the outer journey in, and the inner journey out, finding the space in the ‘middle’ where these journeys meet as one, and always observing with virgin eyes. Most of us are afraid of change and yoga is all about change. Change is the only consistent aspect of life. Asana practice, breathing, and meditation all unleash us from our conditioned patterns into the unknown self. As in her book, Parable of the Talents, Octavia Butler writes, “All that you touch, you change.

All that you change, changes you. The only lasting truth is change.” Living with yoga or practicing as a yogi has been a crucial aspect of Dr. Freedom´s human earthly journey.

Through my ever-changing lifestyle, I have had a multitude of life changing experiences at unusual places and with profound personalities.

Last Word:

The practice of yoga has not only kept me physically fit, but my mind remains flexible, calm, alert, and in the moment. My love and compassion for fellow humans, exploring the depths of the human potential and the kinetic body, understanding the mind, travel, advent

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