Know different types of massage styles!

Massage therapy has been practiced for thousands of years and has proven to be much more beneficial than expected for mental and physical health. There are near around 80 kinds of massage therapies, which the person can attain with a number of benefits. Numerous styles include different pressures, movements, and techniques. These all styles involve specific pressing, rubbing, and manipulating of muscles. Your cells, muscles, and soft tissues will get pressed and manipulated with gentle hands and fingers. A few massage therapies also involve forearms, elbows, and feet although.

The research has brought to know that; The American Massage Therapy Association 2018 considered 19% of Americans use different forms of massage therapies for several medical treatments and enjoy both. There is a plethora of reasons prove that doing so is advantageous for well-being. Multiple medical symptoms can be cured by massage therapies like; muscle pain, certain health conditions, sports injuries, promotion in overall wellbeing, etc. Here you will come to know different kinds of massage therapies to use and promote all those benefits for own good.

Different Styles:

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage Therapy is the most common one involves soft, long, kneading strokes. It also requires tapping strokes, rhythmic pressing & rubbing over the topmost layer of muscles. Moreover, the therapist might make you move the joints and muscles to reduce muscle tension. It is very energizing and relaxing massage therapy, which helps to heal muscle injuries also.

It involves effleurage (smooth pressing to relax soft tissues), petrissage (squeezing, rolling and kneading), friction (deep circular rubbing movement for blood circulation) and tapotement (short tapping from cupped hands, fingers or hand’s edge.)

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is followed up when you face trouble like stiffed muscles. It has slow and deliberate strokes, which focuses on the layers of muscles. It is quite less rhythmic in comparison to other massage therapies, because of the intense pressure. If anyone is facing muscle cramps or strains or sprains; deep tissue massage would work better for them.

There are many benefits of taking deep tissue massage therapy like:

  • Improve body postural problems.
  • It improves the blood circulation problems or other motions in body.
  • Helps in healing injuries and muscle problems.
  • Relieve from different kind of muscle strains and pains.
  • Reduce the inflammation problem.
  • Eliminate the muscle knots in body.

Lymphatic massage therapy

Lymphatic massage therapy is also known as lymphatic drainage. The therapist will prefer to perform slow and circular motions. It pressurizes and moves the lymphs fluid through the entire lymphatic system. It helps to improve the problem of lymphedema. It is a medical situation, in which the lymph fluids cannot flow properly and cause swelling problem in muscles. It results in building up abnormal fluids. Lymphetic massage therapy has multiple benefits like:

  • Drains our lymph fluid which gets collected after the breast cancer surgery
  • It helps in healing the muscle pain and swelling problem
  • Improve the lymph circulation problem to relive person from pain

Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy is especially designed for atheletes. Sportsperson often face muscle pain and strains, which runs in repetitive motion. They often practice multiple physical activities, which creates problem in their muscles and in entire body in fact. Seeking for medical treatment is not equally effective in comparison to massage therapy. Tablets might relief from pain, but massage therapy helps in relieving the strains and muscle pains from its roots. This massage therapy requires repetitive motions over body to relief from muscular pain. It has many benefits:

  • Minimal time for strains and muscle recovery
  • Improve muscle flexibility and motions
  • It brings balance in muscles and promote repairing tissue problems
  • Helps in healing sports related problems
  • Improve in the overall performance of body
  • Decrease in muscle and joint problems

Which massage style is best to use? 

You might have noticed that every massage therapy has its specific importance and use. In fact every therapy session has different pressing & rubbing style and particular technique. You cannot decide by own that, which massage style is better according to your condition.

Different massage therapy has different benefits according to the conditions like short percussive strokes, long strokes, smooth strokes, etc. There are specific masseuses; some of them use oils and lotions and others don’t. Sometimes it is important to unclothe the client and sometimes don’t. The massage therapy can be of 2 minutes and lasts for even 2 hours; completely depends upon the conditions.

If anyone wants to take massage for relaxation and rejuvenation, go to spa and ask for gentle massage therapy. In case you have any medical condition, then contact to doctor first. Ask from your doctor which massage therapy would work better. Doctor will examine your health condition and will guide accordingly for one specific to resolve your condition. Goa Escorts are professionals and one can ask from them to offer massage therapy with fun.

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