Why Are Medical PEEK Sheets So Popular?

Why Are Medical PEEK Sheets So Popular?

Medical grades PEEK is high performance materials with an exceptional mechanical property profile, largely maintained at high temperatures above 100 °C. PEEK medical grades exhibit excellent resistance to customary methods of sterilisation. Combined with very good chemical resistance, PEEK medical grades from Junsun offer the highest degree of safety for medical applications.

Advantages of PEEK Sheets

PEEK rods, sheets, and machine parts are sought after for applications across industries. PEEK sheets’ lightweight is one of their main benefits. PEEK sheets are lighter than conventional plastic sheets and are therefore simpler to handle and transport. When it comes to moving a lot of plastic sheeting, this is very crucial.

Thermoplastic PEEK offers exceptional performance over a wide range of temperatures,the medical grades are suitable for all medical applications that require biocompatibility with limited contact with skin and tissue for up to 24 hours.

  1. Excellent chemical resistance
  2. High-temperature tenacity
  3. Low coefficient of friction
  4. Ease of processing
  5. High dimensional stability


Due to its various benefits, the PEEK sheet is a material that has grown in favor recently. These benefits consist of its resistance to corrosion and wear, as well as its lightweight and high strength-to-density ratio. Please get in touch with Junsun Medical if you’re interested in the PEEK sheet.

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