OKVIP: The Number 1 International Rewards Game Alliance Site

OKVIP companion brand and official partner for many major online bookmakers in the Asian market. Please join us in revealing the door to discovering useful information surrounding the world’s leading entertainment corporation below.

Basic overview of OKVIP

OKVIP has been operating for nearly 20 years in the market, the website was previously called Taipe101. Launched in 2016, from a small business unit, it has now become a large enterprise. Expanding the scope of alliances and operations in many countries: Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Dubai, Philippines…

The entertainment company is always well received by players because of its ability to grasp psychology and betting trends extremely quickly. For example, with the Vietnamese online market, the game lobby space is designed separately and Vietnameseized.

The development team still continues to invest in online entertainment alliances. At the same time, promote communication activities and promote many different social projects.

OKVIP – Asia’s premium gaming alliance site

Name the online bookmakers sponsored by OKVIP

According to market fluctuations and the needs of bettors, OKVIP is allying with large, reputable online game houses such as:

789BET – The hottest green betting portal in 2024

789BET has cooperated with the entertainment alliance site and achieved remarkable achievements after the association period. Typically as:

  • Pass the inspection, evaluation and be licensed to do business by the Isle of Man.
  • Owning millions of members participating in betting every day at the halls: Casino, Fish Shooting, Sports, Slots, Lottery…
  • Updated interface with full features, parallel development of both access forms: Web version, App (Android, iOS).
  • Pay the expenses, deploy valuable incentives: Welcome bonus up to 28,789K for the first time and 16,789K for the 2nd time…

NEW88 – OKVIP Entertainment Alliance

NEW88 is also a potential partner that has signed a partnership contract with the famous entertainment company. OKVIP and NEW88 have continuously upgraded the betting brand through activities such as:

  • Complete the house logo to be creative, stand out and make an impression on the first visit.
  • Licensed for online betting business, supervised by PAGCOR.
  • The number of new players registering accounts increases dramatically every day from many countries: Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia…
  • Pay after-sale agent commissions from 30% – 60%.
  • New recruits who deposit money for the first time will receive a bonus policy of x2 value.

NEW88 – Reputable bookmaker, long-time partner of the entertainment group

Hi88 – A reputable prize exchange playground in Asia

After 1 year of entering the online market, Hi88 has successfully reached millions of bettors. Thanks to the wise move of linking with OPVIP, the house quickly reached the top 10 most prestigious playgrounds in Asia:

  • Shorten search time, attract players who want to bet.
  • The house operates more and more professionally, continuously improving the quality of the game hall: Online lottery, Virtual sports, 3D card games, lottery…
  • Attractive welcome bonus value: First deposit insurance with highest value up to 8,888,000 VND…

Some other OKVIP alliances

Not only stopping at the top 3 partners above, the entertainment company is currently cooperating with many other reward game bookmakers such as:

  • JUN88 – International quality betting platform.
  • SHBET – Paradise to experience safe prize exchange games.
  • F8BET – A famous entertainment game brand, ranked among the top prestigious bookmakers in Asia.
  • OKCHOI – The leading online football news site today.

Sponsor of a series of international football tournaments

In addition to becoming the main partner of the online bookmaker, OKVIP is sponsoring and accompanying many major tournaments and sporting events. Typical examples are as follows:

Major sponsor of Seagame 32

Seagame 32 takes place in Cambodia – where the entertainment group is headquartered and is a tournament with quite a lot of investment. Specifically, the company spends a large amount of money to create the best conditions for athletes to feel secure in competing.

Investment and media group for many world-class football tournaments

Asian CUP – Asia’s most anticipated sports tournament

At each match within the Asian CUP framework, fans will see information about OKVIP appear. In particular, teams participating in the tournament from Southeast Asia will receive special attention from the entertainment group.

Official media unit of important awards

The gaming alliance site is proud to be one of the few media sponsors for two highly influential tournaments in the world: Championship League and World CUP. Specific actions:

  • Accelerate the media campaign and widely advertise the tournament.
  • Provide data related to the match: Developments, achievements, daily breaking news… on the group’s information channels.

Above is a summary of useful information liên minh OKVIP. We hope that through this article, all readers will have a more accurate view of the strong affiliate partners of reputable online bookmakers today.

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