Instructions for playing Bau Cua Tom Ca Game Okvip extremely attractive

Currently, the betting game industry in Vietnam is emerging with the folk game Bau Cua Tom Ca. This is a game series that is being searched and played by many players today. To satisfy the needs of players, the house Okvip released the game Bau Cua Tom Ca Game Okvip. Below is the information you should learn about the game Bau Cua Tom Ca.
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General introduction about Bau Cua Tom Ca Game Okvip

Bau Cua is a folk game chosen by many players during holidays in Southeast Asian countries. The game has easy gameplay and easy to win bets. The bookmaker has developed lines Bau Cua Tom Ca Game Okvip please the players.

Learn about the current hot Bau Cua Tom Ca Game

The game is red and black with simple gameplay, helping players try their luck and bring a joyful atmosphere on Tet holidays with friends and relatives.

Where does the game Bau Cua Tom Ca originate from?

Bau Cua, also known as Bau Cua Tom Ca, is a folk game originating from China called HooHeeHow. In European countries, there is also this game, but it is played with different drawings, so the origin of the game has not been accurately confirmed.

Instructions on how to play Bau Cua Tom Ca are the simplest and easiest to learn

How to playBau Cua Tom Ca Game Okvip Extremely simple, you only need 1 person to do it and the rest are bettors with an unlimited number of bettors. There will be 3 crab gourd seeds to shake. The player will place them in 6 boxes on the table including gourds, crabs, fish, deer, shrimp, and chickens. If the female seed appears and has your child, you win money corresponding to the number of seeds.

Instructions for downloading Game Bau Cua Tom Ca Okvip

Players just need to access the dealer’s link, scroll down to the bottom and select the storeCHplay or Appstore to download. After downloading, create an account and deposit money to play and experience.

Tell you the method of shaking crab gourd for newbies

If you are a female, you need a shaker, put 3 crab gourd dice in a bowl, squint vigorously and turn it over to keep the result secret.

Tell you how to properly shake the back crab

New players need to learn about the playing method. After learning, they need to prepare a shaking set with 3 dice to shake, shake well so that the 3 dice change shape in the bowl. After shaking, leave it alone and wait for the player to place a bet on the table and open it.

Introducing detailed rules of online Bau Cua Tom Ca game Okvip

The game Bau Cua has 3 dice, each with 6 sides printed with 6 corresponding animals on the table. If 2 dice appear together, the player will get x2 bet. Players can place multiple numbers at the same time to increase their winning rate.

Summary of tips for playing Bau Cua, Tom Ca, Trieu

Below are tips on how to play Bau Cua trick you should know to learn.

Observational learning

Players need to observe other players showing any strange behavior. If someone bets and wins continuously, you should follow that person to win together.

Control your emotions when playing Bau Cua

Players should control their emotions to avoid getting angry and lose enough with the house to easily make wrong decisions.

Know when to stop when playing

If you lose 3 games in a row, you should stop and find another table to play. If you lose again, it’s because you’re black and stop.

Knowing how to find probabilities is an advantage

In the game, if any number has a high chance of coming out, you should bet on that number.

Tell you how to play Bau Cua and always win from the game experts

Experts all have their own ways of playing Bau Cua that help them win a lot of money.
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Bet according to the proportion of dice that appear more often.

Players need to observe and remember which dice ratio comes out the most and summarize which dice come out most often and place them on that number.

Bet on the next game later

Players need to have a strategy for the next game to avoid placing 1 card many times.

Your own strategy to apply to the game

You need to accumulate experience from other good players and choose your own strategy for betting or shaking the crab gourd.

FAQ – Summary of questions about Bau Cua Tom Ca Game Okvip

With the game Bau Cua attracting many players today, many of you have questions in mind. Below are some frequently asked questions when starting to play Bau Cua.

Where should I choose an online crab, shrimp and fish bookmaker?

If you don’t know where to play Bau Cua reputablely dealer Okvip will be a great choice for you.

Is voting crab, shrimp and fish online considered illegal?

Bau Cua is a folk game so it will not be considered an illegal game, so players can play with peace of mind and earn more income for themselves.

Can players withdraw cash if they win a bet?

With dealer Okvip You will withdraw cash if you win a lot. You just need to follow the house’s withdrawal instructions correctly.


The above is an introduction Bau Cua Tom Ca Game Okvip Complete information and tips to help you gain more knowledge about the crab game. In addition, you can also create your own games. To find a reputable bookmaker, you should choose one Okvip Click the link to play.

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