Extremely Effective Method to Get Rid of Lottery Luck When Playing at Kubet

When playing the lottery at ku bet There are many times when players get sticky, lose continuously and let go of unlucky lottery numbers, which is what we should do to erase that “stick”. In the article below, we will guide you on effective methods to solve black problems when playing lottery.

What is Unlucky Lottery? Aim to do?

Releasing bad luck means that people will perform some rituals or actions to reduce or eliminate negative energy, neutralize bad luck or bad luck in life. The purpose is to bring peace, good luck, and positive energy to have more luck.

For longtime lottery betting enthusiasts, there must have been many times when they encountered consecutive black streaks and lost their bets. That’s why many people choose to use methods to eliminate bad luck in the lottery with the aim of solving the problem, reducing or eliminating bad luck and bringing big wins when betting.

There are many different methods of eliminating bad luck when playing the lottery such as using spiritual symbols, lucky numbers, and black-solving rituals passed down from our ancestors in ancient times. After that, players will be able to balance the feng shui of playing the lottery and play for a long time without losing as heavily as before.

Is Breaking Bad Luck When Playing Lottery Really Effective?

The practice of releasing unlucky lottery numbers is done by many bettors and has shown to be very effective. When bad luck is chased away and negative energy is attracted, players are more excited in the prediction process and can figure out good numbers to invest.

Many people are successful with this method but it is not 100% successful as expected. Because winning or losing depends not only on luck but also on the player’s careful analysis and prediction process. So letting go of bad luck when playing the lottery is just a part of helping you get closer to the winning result.

When implementing methods to eliminate bad luck in lottery, it brings benefits but also comes with limitations. As follows:

  • The benefit is that players gain more confidence, are motivated to predict and increase their chances of winning the lottery. From there, when you win, you will save investment costs and receive large rewards as expected.
  • The limitation is that most of these methods are not based on any scientific basis, so they can be expensive to implement. It is not guaranteed that 100% of players will win after solving the lottery, so they need to be proactive when predicting and should not depend on luck.

Popular Lottery Bad Luck Disposal Methods from Experts

Whether playing traditional lottery or betting online, you can also refer to some methods to solve black problems to have feng shui and attract more luck. Lottery players and bettors are currently following a number of solutions as follows:

Use lucky symbols and mascots

One of the ways to get rid of bad luck in the lottery that many people choose is to use lucky symbols. These can be mentioned as animals, zodiac signs, gods of wealth… Because according to feng shui, this is considered a sacred thing that can attract wealth and luck.

To increase your chances of winning the lottery, you can use lucky symbols next to you. Positive luck will be attracted and from there negative and gloomy energies will gradually decrease and be neutralized, giving you more chances to win when betting.

Use lucky numbers and birthday dates to bet

In case you have bad luck when playing the lottery, you can choose to solve it with lucky numbers such as date of birth or important milestones in life. Because in many cultures, people believe that each number has a certain meaning. They often avoid numbers that have unlucky meanings in life, for example, in Vietnam, bad numbers are 13, 49, 53…

The effectiveness of using this number in eliminating bad luck in the lottery is only relative. You should combine black solutions with other prediction methods to optimize lottery prediction results. However, the lucky numbers associated with you will definitely help you not be affected by bad luck, and have the opportunity to receive more generous bonuses when playing lottery.
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Use salt to ward off bad luck

From research byKubet8, it can be seen that the salt solution is used by many lottery players and is highly appreciated for its effectiveness. Players can use sea salt or refined salt; they should not use regular table salt. Put an amount of salt in a small plate or bowl and place it in different places in the office or bedroom where you regularly spend time to chase away bad luck and find luck.

Note that during the process of clearing lottery luck, you can recite mantras, pray, bow to Buddha or meditate to increase effectiveness. You should only leave salt in those places for 24 hours then clean it up. The essences in white salt will attract and eliminate evil spirits and negative energy around you.

Burn incense to relieve bad luck and purify bad luck

A method used by many bettors to relieve bad luck and clean the air and living environment is burning agarwood. According to research, pure agarwood has the effect of deodorizing, disinfecting, emitting a pleasant fragrance and making the air fresh.

During the process of burning agarwood, essences and energy will be spread throughout the space. This helps attract negative energy and radiate positive energy, and your bad luck when playing the lottery will also be resolved.

Use wormwood leaves (also known as mugwort)

According to folk beliefs, using wormwood leaves is also one of the simple but highly effective ways to get rid of bad luck in the lottery. Because wormwood leaves contain essences that help ward off evil spirits and attract bad luck and bad luck. You can hang mugwort leaves in front of your house or steam, burn, or steam on your skin to neutralize impurities.

Take garlic with you

Carrying garlic with you is another way to relieve bad luck that many people use, it is cheap and easy to do. Because people believe that garlic has the effect of exorcism, driving away evil spirits and bad luck. You can use a few cloves of garlic to put in a small bag and carry with you to avoid bad luck.

This is also the method used by those who are often harassed by negative people. However, during the process, you also need to be careful because garlic has an unpleasant odor, so if worn around the body, it will create discomfort. It can even cause allergies and irritation in many sensitive people.


Cleaning the house is another method to relieve bad luck, and it’s not complicated. Simply clean your house, remove unnecessary objects, remove dust and dirt to create a clean, airy living space. This will help you feel new and more excited, automatically positive energy and luck will come.

Above is detailed information about the ways to get rid of bad luck in the lottery that many people have been using successfully. If you are having a losing streak and want to solve the problem, try applying the above methods.

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