debet – Summary of Super Hot Welfare Policies in Early Spring 2024

The bookmaker’s policy of providing huge benefits in early spring 2024 debet What’s interesting? How to be eligible to participate in the bonus at the bookmaker? Let’s read the following article to better understand the programs of this playground!

Check out the hot promotions at Debet

Debet is not only known as a reputable playground with comprehensive quality in terms of odds, bonuses, impressive game products and thousands of super welfare programs. Let’s take a look at the great bonus hunting policies when playing at the house for new players:

Open an account Successfully receive voucher up to 11 millioncopper

When players successfully register, they become members of the playground debet will immediately receive a gift of up to 11,000,000 VND. This is a new preferential policy for new players released in early 2024. If you want to find a reputable bookmaker, worth investing in and making a profit, you should not miss this playground.

New players who want to receive this gift must meet the condition of registering a new member account. If you want to withdraw money, you must perform the betting task 22 times at any hall!

With the money received from the playground, new players can use it to bet or convert it directly to cash to withdraw to their account. Why are you still worried? Hurry up and register an account debt so as not to miss thousands of gifts on the occasion of the beginning of spring 2024.

Successful registration will immediately receive a gift of 11,000,000 VND

Successfully deposit money for the first time and immediately receive 110% of the deposit value

Debet always knows how to impress and satisfy customers through the 110% bonus policy when depositing money successfully the first time. When this promotional package was announced, it quickly caused a stir in the bookmaker community.

Conditions to successfully hunt for this promotion package are: Achieve revenue from 46,200,000 VND, when participating in betting in game categories such as: Virtual Sports, Sports, Atom Dialing, Jackpot, Keno, Number, Evoplay,… However, it does not apply to game titles: Casino, Ingame, Card Game, Pragmatic Play and Microgaming, Fish Shooting, Lottery. For Sports, players need to ensure the principle of not cheating and making mistakes, otherwise all revenue will be forfeited.

Grab a 110% bonus right away with your first deposit

30% bonus upon successful 2nd deposit transaction

After successfully depositing the first time and receiving a huge 110% voucher, on the second transaction, customers will also be grateful with a value of 30%. Similar to the previous calculation, you take the deposited amount and multiply it by 30% to know the promotion number you receive. For example: 1000,000 x 30% = 300,000VND (this will be the incentive fee that will be added to your account).

  • To successfully hunt for this promotion, you need to meet the following requirements:

Make a second withdrawal for a new account, then bet 12 times to achieve a revenue of 15,600,000 VND at the same game titles with 110% bonus: Sports, No Hu, Keno, Number, Evoplay ,…And not allowed to play games such as: Lottery, Fish Shooting, Card Games, Ingame, Casino,…

Therefore, if you want to get more or less benefits, it depends on your need for money. New players should take advantage of the opportunity to hunt for huge rewards at Debet on the occasion of early spring 2024, don’t miss this great program package!

Experience betting refund entertainment up to 1.5% exclusively at Debet

In addition to politicians thanking customers through transactions, when coming to experience the game directly, customers will also be supported with a bet refund package worth up to 1.5%. It is this benefit package that has raised Debet’s reputation far, successfully attracting a large number of bettors. Each game category will have different welfare vouchers, specifically:

  • 100% cost refund, when experiencing in the Sports category.
  • 60% for Lottery betting hall.
  • When betting at Evoplay, Keno or Number Game, you will receive an extremely good 30% discount package.
  • Finally, increase the 25% refund bonus for the Po Hu game section at the house.

Perform the task of finding lucky numbers to receive super incentives up to 1 billion

In addition to direct reward programs, Debet also publishes two more exclusive promotion categories, “Lucky Numbers”. With this policy, players are required to perform tasks themselves, choose lucky numbers to try their luck. If you successfully select the special box, you will receive a worthy reward with a total value of up to 1 billion VND.

The first time you will be able to choose for free, so you need to pay attention to clicking according to your feelings, if it goes well you will receive a big prize. If after that, new players still want to try to find lucky numbers and get rich, they need to invest a small amount of coins to get bigger profits!

Do tasks to receive lots of promotions

Things to keep in mind to be able to successfully hunt for promotions

Most promotions at the Debet online betting platform are of very high quality and have super high value. Therefore, new players need to note a few points to easily hunt for rewards successfully, specifically:

  • Correct access link vào Debet, avoid virtual links.
  • Understand clearly the provisions of the welfare policy.
  • Remember the effective start time of the promotion, specific date and time to easily compete with other members.
  • Pay attention to super preferential packages and consider them for successful hunting.
  • New players should not engage in any cheating or trickery when participating in receiving incentives.
  • Complete daily tasks to receive free offers at game halls.
  • You should use the playground bonus to invest for greater profits, don’t rush to withdraw it.
  • If you cannot hunt for gifts successfully despite following the correct steps, immediately contact support for resolution.

Things to note when participating in receiving gifts

The above article has fully updated the basic promotions of debet. Wishing you easily hunt for lots of gifts at the bookmaker and successfully realize your trillion-dollar dream on this betting road.

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