Important things about mathematics

Important things about mathematics

Mathematics is one of the important subjects which you study in your school and is of great importance in your lives. However, this subject is not that easy as compared to other subjects as in this you cannot cram things like in Science or English. In math, you have to understand every question and learn the formulasthen only one is capable of finding solutions to math problems easily. Therefore, to overcome these problems there are ncert books which will help you to understand math questions more easily and will also provide an explanation for the questions at the end of the book. These books are not only for the 12thclass questions and solutions but you can also find class 11th maths questions and 11thmaths solutions.

Benefits of ncert books

There is a great number of books which you can use to prepare for the board exams. However, As compared to other booksncert books are the best as these are designed in such a way that from basics to the difficult questions they can clear all doubts regarding any problem from one’s mind. These books will help you to overcome every problem in the most effortless way irrespective of your intelligence. Furthermore,there are numerous advantages of using ncert books and some of them are described below.

  • The content provider in ncert books has to strictly follow the pattern of CBSE. In the 12th board exam,no question can be out of the book. As you know that ncert book helps you to understand the concept with clarity and deep learning. Therefore, if there is any twisted question that most students will think is out of the syllabus or from any other source but you will be able to solve it as you have covered all the concepts from the book.
  • No matter how hard you learn the formulas they will not help you until you solve plenty of questions by hand before the exams. Hence, ncert provides questions at the end of the book so students can practice them and make the concept clear. Every type of question from short to long is provided at the end of the book. To achieve good marks, you must solve these questions. Further, expect the exercise question there are exemplar questions also these will help you to have an upper hand on twisted questions in exams.
  • Ncert books help you to save a lot of time during exam preparation. As these are written in easy language as compared to other books.Therefore, students can save a lot of time in exam preparation due to the simple language they will learn things more swiftly and will have more time to prepare for other topics where they lack or need more time to practice. Thus, one can also call ncert a savior as it helps you to prepare for the board exams speedily without risking the understanding of concepts with deep learning.
  • Further, CBSE itself advises that you should prepare for the papers from ncert books. As these books have been followed strictly by the curriculum of CBSE and students will be able to score decent marks by following these books only. Hence, CBSE also ordered the private schoolsto not refer other books to students except ncert as other books would be an unnecessary burden on students and will waste a lot of precious time of students to understand and cover the same syllabus from different books.
  • As you know before the exams revision is important so that all topics and the technique to solve them can remain fresh in one’s mind. Moreover, it should be done frequently. In that case, ncert books are recommended as in these books the description of topics is very specific which will help you during the time of your revision to look through the topics rapidly. Furthermore, ncert books are recommended by CBSE so there so should be no issue regarding thinking if ncert books are sufficient to score a handsome percentage or not.

To conclude, you can also use other books as a reference but it is usually seen that when students use too many books then the students find it hard to focus on important topics as the concepts which they have to cover for the exams increase. Moreover, math chapters are interlinked that’s why you have to understand every chapter, and the class11thncertbook is also very important as it will help you to have a strong foundation for the 12th class. Further, if you still have any problems to solve your questions or have doubts regarding any other query about maths then you can go to a website known as Infinity Learn this site will help you to clear all your doubts in the best it can.

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