How to play Lieng 3 cards  to Help Bring Absolute Victory

How to play Lien 3 cards How to always bring yourself victory? First of all, it is necessary to know that this is a hot hit card game that is popular with many people. Therefore, the rules and how to play this type of game are also of interest and understanding to many people. Follow New88 following article to know more about this type.

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Lieng means playing 52 cards and having from 2 to 6 people participating in the game. Before participating, members will deposit a minimum amount according to regulations. The Dealer will then deal 3 random cards.

There are a maximum of 3 betting rounds per match and the playing rules will be similar to playing Poker or Baccarat. However, How to play Lieng 3 cards  is often considered easier to understand and has more basic playing rules.

In fact, this is a folk game that has been around for a long time so it is extremely familiar to everyone. Surely everyone feels it is really easy and the bonus rate is also extremely attractive. Currently, this type is increasingly developing at bookmakers. Especially for New88, the number of participating visitors is extremely large.

Term used in Lieng card playing

One of the How to play Lieng 3 cards  That effect is to grasp the terms in the card game. Learn the following terms for better understanding:

  • Wax: This is meant to refer to a set of 3 cards of the same value but different in suit. If in a game, everyone has the same Sap card, then cards will be compared. Whoever has the greater talent will win.
  • Lieng: This is the name used for 3 valuable cards contact successively without distinction of quality. The highest set of three pieces has the value J, Q, K and the lowest value set of three pieces is A, 2, 3. If many people have Lieng, the quality will be considered to determine the winner (Codes, Diamonds, Diamonds). dragon, spade).
  • Photo: Used to refer to three consecutive Western cards: J, Q, K.
  • Score: Also known as junk cards.

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 How to play Lieng 3 cards  effectively and safely

 How to play Lieng 3 cards  Extremely simple with just steps taken by members. However, every card game will have its own rules. That’s why everyone needs to understand specifically to be able to bring the most victory to themselves.

First rule: Determine the amount of capital to spend

The betting rules of this card game are similar to baccarat.Before starting to participate, players need to determine the amount of bet they must spend in each game. Because each level of play will have a different bet level set by the house. Bet also means floor money.

Rules for playing at the beginning of the game

There will be 52 cards in a set to use during play. However, the Dealer will not completely deal 52 cards to everyone at the table but will only deal 3 cards. How to play Lieng 3 cards  This is considered quite special when only using 3 pieces out of a total of 52.

The round between all participants will start with the first dealer and continue in the direction of the clock. At the plank Next, the rules will change. Whoever wins the previous round will be the first to play cards in the next round.

Rules for playing when it’s your turn

Before choosing to play a card, players need to think carefully and carefully. Raise, call, go all in or fold are options that members can apply to their game.Each operation will lead to different results, specifically:

  • Raise: This is a basic operation in How to play Lieng 3 cards that everyone needs to know. The amount you use to raise needs to be higher than the amount the previous person bet.
  • Call: If you feel your hand has the ability to follow your opponent, you should bet.
  • Set: This action means you want to stop playing. If you feel the card has too low value and cannot win, then fold the card.
  • All in: This is also known as All in. If you feel that this game is definitely yours to win, then go all in to earn more money.

 How to play Lieng 3 cards  has important notes

 How to play Lieng 3 cards  Effectively, in addition to having skills, you need to know the notes to increase your winning rate. Instructions for members when playing at New88 are as follows:

  • Pay attention to your opponent’s playing style: Grasping the playing style of your opponents in the game will help you grasp their weaknesses.
  • Psychological spanking: Always stay calm, don’t show emotions so others can’t guess the cards.
  • Set the cards at the right time: When you feel the card is not of high value, you should set the cards. Avoid risking your bets and losing everything.

Thus, New88’s article has shared concepts, rules and experiences about How to play Lieng 3 cards  most specific. Hope it will help more members when betting.

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