Year end Party at the OKVIPC alliance in 2023, which was held very grandly. When attending this party, you will feel the vibrant atmosphere of the music and the hotness of the dancers. Not only that, thousands of great prizes are also waiting for you to take home.

Program information dAt the  Year end Party  at the OKVIP alliance

Year end Party  is an annual program organized by the OKVIP investment alliance. This is not only an opportunity to summarize and evaluate, but also an opportunity for employees to bond and entertain.

Time, location and participants

Programme Year end Party also known as the COUNTDOWN music festival (year-end party) will officially take place on:

  • Time: at 5:00 p.m. on February 9, 2024 (ie on December 30, 2023 of the lunar calendar).
  • The venue for the party is the Future Building (part of the OKVIP alliance group).
  • Participants: Employees and departments under the OKVIP alliance group. With partners and units that have invitations to participate.


The first part of the banquet program is entertainment and singing activities. You will admire the performances of DJ Cheese with magic hands, talented MC duo Hyper Chon – Nga My, veteran singer Linh Hao, famous male rapper Ca Nau. Not only that, the party was even more attractive with the appearance of comedy group Minh Khanh, Loto Vong Kim Lang group and supple dancers with extremely eye-catching bodies.

Besides the special performances, the OKVIP alliance has also prepared a list of super cool prizes with the slogan “OKVIP – Today 1 billion, tomorrow 100 billion.” You just need to participate in the draw to ensure you will win gifts, specifically:

  • Special prize: trip with total value up to 50 million VND.
  • First prize: an Iphone 15 Pro 256G.
  • Second prize: household appliances with a value of 20 million VND.
  • Third prize: co-branded perfume Chanel
  • Souvenir: Villarreal jersey.

Program purpose

The  Year end Party  is carefully invested in by the OKVIP alliance in terms of both decoration and program content. Because this year-end party has a lot of meaning, for example:

  • This is an opportunity for the liên minh OKVIP alliance to summarize activities in 2023. From there, we can see the achievements as well as the remaining limitations to continue trying and developing in the new year.
  • This year-end party is also an opportunity for all company members to become closer and more connected to each other. Thanks to that, members and departments will understand each other better, creating a strong working environment and improved work efficiency.
  • It is a sincere thank you from the OKVIP alliance to all employees who have been contributing to the group. In particular, employees with good achievements during the year will receive additional certificates of commendation from the board of directors.


Programme Year end Party At the OKVIP alliance, it took place extremely majestically under careful investment in every detail. If you are an employee or partner of the OKVIP alliance, you definitely cannot miss this intimate party.

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