GMEE Price, Charts, Prediction, And Future – An Expert Review

Cryptocurrency trading can be a bit expensive for some people, but what if you got to earn cryptocurrencies by playing games? GMEE does exactly this, also known as GMEE; you can earn its cryptocurrency by either playing games and winning or buying them. To buy them is one thing, but you need safety; this is where Kucoin comes in, a great crypto trading platform that offers outstanding security for its users, their accounts, and their owned assets. It does this using sophisticated security technology, which is utilized by a team of professional security members. You can look up cryptocurrency bitcoin prices on this platform and do some bitcoin exchange. Thus, here we will decipher each and every aspect of GMEE and its relevant aspect. So, stay tuned and read till the end!

GMEE Price Today

Today the GME price stands at 0.01266 US dollars for each coin. This price has gone up since the last week by roughly a percentage of 13.

GMEE Charts

According to the charts on Kucoin, GMEE has gained 2.33% in value over the last hour and 2.17% over the last 24 hours. As for a week, it has shown an upwards trend of 13.2%. However, compared to the last month, it has decreased 28.71% in value, a considerable dip.

GMEE Prediction

Before continuing, we need to clarify that these are only predictions and suggestions, not cold hard facts. It is impossible to predict anything correctly, so keep this in mind. Now let us continue; in general, the experts have predicted that slowly but surely, GMEE will increase in value. By 2022, it is expected to bounce up to 0.02 USD per coin. Then by the end of 2023, experts have said it will average around 0.033 USD per coin while peaking at 0.037 and bottom lining at 0.032 USD per coin. With a continued upwards trend, it is expected that GMEE will reach 0.70 US dollars for a single coin by 2031.

For 2024, GMEE coins are expected to peak at 0.05 USD for a single coin and average at 0.048 for the year.

For 2025, GMEE coins are expected to bottom line at 0.069 USD per coin but peak at 0.078 USD per coin. The average will roll for the majority of the year, however.

By 2026, experts have said it can reach up to 0.12 US dollars for a single coin while averaging 0.11 USD per coin.

By 2027, the increase is expected by experts to raise the price of each coin to 0.14 US Dollars on average.

By 2028, that value is expected to rise to 0.22 US dollars for a single coin.

By 2029, there is another expected increase in price, going to 0.38 US Dollars per coin.

By 2030, the experts expect GMEE to max around 0.57 while averaging at 0.47 USD per coin.


These predictions are predictions, but according to the experts, GMEE will show a good increase in value over the years.

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