Apartments for rent in Lebanon

If you are looking for apartments for rent in Lebanon, you are on the right page. Lebanon is considered one of the most populated countries located in the Mediterranean region.

Why are people moving to Lebanon?

Here are some reasons why people are switching their residencies to Lebanon. Lebanon has a very high literacy rate, up to 95%. The weather is always excellent here. Also, Lebanon is considered one of the top countries with good education.The country has excellent mountains and green valleys, providing an experience of the middle east and Mediterranean region. There is so much to explore in this country.

Best places to rent an apartment in Lebanon:

An average apartment in Lebanon costs around $870. The rental price of apartments in Lebanon varies depending upon the area, quality of place, and the size of an apartment.

Here are some of the best places if you are looking for affordable apartments for rent in Lebanon. Affordable places like Shyle, Quote, and Al-Nakhle have average apartments falling in $800-$1200, having the size of 850 square feet.

Areas with luxury apartments for rent in Lebanon:

If you are looking for luxury apartments in Lebanon, we have got you covered. The following places have incredibly furnished apartments located in posh areas of Lebanon.

  • Faraya– has a full-of-fun ski trail and magnificent scenery. Most of the apartments fall in the price of $650-$2000 per month.
  • Achrafieh, Beirut-upper class area, is located on the eastern side of Beirut. It is the oldest, posh and charming area of Beirut. You can find all types of apartments here, ranging from $850-$4000 per month, depending upon the size and renovation of the apartments.
  • Mount Lebanon Region– largest of all governorates, one of the mountain ranges in Lebanon with skeptical scenery and mountain view. It is the heart of Lebanon’s economic, social, and cultural activities. It is an attractive place to visit old temples and castles. There are also some ski-resorts present there.
  • Beirut Governorate– consists of only one district. Hub of old museums and many social and economic activities. So if you are having a tour of Lebanon, add this place to your list. An important city from an educational point of view. There are many shopping malls present there.
  • Hamra-Beirut, a small village in southern Lebanon, shares a border with Israel. One of the neighborhoods of Beirut. Hamra Street is one of the most commercial streets present in Lebanon. This area is famous for its cafes, restaurants, fashion stores, and commercial activities—also the best place to try distinctive foods of Lebanon. The rent of apartments in this area ranges from $1000-$2500.
  • Verdun, Beirut-a street close to the city’s downtown district, is famous for its upper-class residential area surrounded by commercial markets. The rent of apartments in Verdun ranges from $1500-$3200. It is one of the posh areas in Beirut. The apartments are well ventilated and well furnished with all electrical and water facilities. Consider this place if you want to rent a house in Lebanon for a luxurious stay.
  • Downtown Beirut– is a luxury area with the best shopping places. This area is one of the most guarded locations in Lebanon. The soldiers and guards are often seen there. So, this makes it a safe place to live.

We hope that you have learned everything here you wanted to know.

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