3 Great Travel Tips for People with Dietary Restrictions

If you have a restrictive diet either for religious, ethical, personal, or health reasons, then you will have to spend more time than the average person when planning your travels. This is especially true if you’re suffering from a medical condition or allergies.

You cannot expect to have access to the same options in your desired destination as you do back home. Your diet may simply not be common enough where you’ll be, and you may find yourself in a very sticky, and potentially life-threatening situation if you don’t take the proper precautions. Let’s take a look at a few tips you should follow if you’re intending to travel with dietary restrictions.

Look for Travel Size Options

If you have a particular type of food that you regularly eat at home, but it usually comes in large containers, check if you can find travel size options. This will allow you to pack them in your carry-on suitcase or backpack.

This also works if you need to add additives to your food, like people suffering from dysphagia, for instance. If you suffer from this condition and your thickener doesn’t come in travel size portions, there are thickener brands like SimplyThick easy mix that come in single serve packets.

Start Looking for Dining Options Before Leaving

Try to get as much information as possible on the dining options where you’ll be going before you leave. It’s also very important that you learn about the local food culture.

Veganism, for instance, is not as well spread as it is in America everywhere, and you might be disappointed or even unable to find satisfactory options where you’ll be going. There are places, on the other hand, that are very vegan friendly, like India, for instance, or many places in the Middle East. So, you may want to privilege destinations that will accommodate your lifestyle.

Another thing you should consider doing is calling up any restaurant that you feel would fit your criteria. Some restaurants may claim to have the options you are looking for, but not prepare them like you wish. This is especially important if you’re wary about cross contamination. So, give them a call and see how they answer before you trust them, and ask if you could see how the food is prepared when you get there.

Stay Somewhere Where You’ll Be Able to Cook

If you want to take much of the headache out of finding good places to eat, we suggest you book accommodations where you’ll be able to do your cooking. Some of the options include hostels, serviced apartments, and villas. This will allow you to have more freedom and know exactly what’s in your food. This makes this a great option for people with unusual diets, but especially those suffering from allergies.

Traveling with dietary restrictions can be tough, but things become much easier when you’re well prepared. So, take the time to plan your trip and itinerary well in advance to avoid nasty surprises or incidents.

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