Some Healthy Garnish Ideas you’ve been missing Throughout the Time

Some Healthy Garnish Ideas you’ve been missing Throughout the Time

When I was a kid my mom used to say, presentation is as important as quality. Your degree won’t talk at the interview, your appearance will. The idea of garnishing is the applied version of what my mom used to say. The human mind is very interesting. We go to a fancy restaurant for a delicious dinner, but we judge the food almost 99% before it reaches our taste buds and that’s true for everyone. You wouldn’t want to take a bite if the food looks gross. You wouldn’t even bother about how it tastes. And that’s why garnish has become an inseparable part of cooking. Cooking tasty food is just not enough nowadays; you need to make it look good as well.

The purpose of garnishing is not limited to decoration only, although that is the main purpose. Adding a garnish would add a unique flavor to the dish, make the plate look full and most importantly, a plate of well garnished tasty food would lure the guests. In restaurants, you will find a handful of garnish ingredients that are used for decoration, but not necessarily they are healthy. Commercials are least concerned about health than business.

But when you cook at home, you’re the chef in charge. And there’s no reason to compromise with your and your loved one’s health. Not all the garnish ingredients are unhealthy; some are very friendly to your health and taste buds. Today I’ll share some of those healthy garnish ideas that would add a charm to your food without compromising your health and your Cookinglife would be worth appreciation.

Here are some amazing healthy garnish ideas


Who doesn’t love cheese? Whether it’s a slice of pizza loaded with extra cheese or a plate of Italian pasta with grated cheesy topping, it’s very hard to say ‘no’ to cheese. But cheese is a big red flag for people with obesity, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. You can use tofu as a brilliant alternative to cheese. Tofu is a healthy vegan food, made of soya and it’s an enriched source of calcium and protein. Since tofu is not a dairy product, it’s lower in cholesterol, fat and calorie than cheese and paneer. For garnish, tofu can be used in various ways. You can simply grate it like cheese and add as a topping or cut it into small cubes and put them in soups.


Using almonds as a garnishing ingredient is a very old practice. It’s mostly used in desserts. Almonds are well-known for being enriched with protein, vitamins and dietary fibers. All these virtues make it an ideal garnish ingredient. Garnishing the food with almonds is very easy. There are only two ways you can use almonds to decorate your food. Simply put a couple of almonds in a suitable symmetry on the plate or grate the almonds and spread them on the food to make a delicious topping.


Among all the herbs, parsley, coriander and cilantro are the most used garnish ingredients. These are popular because they’re extremely pocket-friendly and easily available on the market. Talking about parsley, the vitamin-enriched herb is packed with healthy nutrients. And apart from garnishing, it adds an authentic flavor to the food. You can simply chop some parsley leaves and sprinkle them on top of the food.


Let’s be honest, nobody eats a pomegranate on their own, unless it’s served by someone else or available as juice. Despite being a rich source of vitamins and nutrients pomegranate is not widely appreciated as banana, for its complicated shell. Unwrapping a pomegranate takes more time than eating it. But you can use the Ruby red pomegranate as garnish. Add a vibrant look to your everyday salad with a handful of pomegranates. It would boost the haemoglobin level in the blood.


The list of healthy garnishes can’t be ended without including tomatoes. It’s the most popular veggie that’s used as a garnish. Tomato is a rich source of vitamin K, besides that, it also lowers the high cholesterol level. Using tomato as garnish is simple, you can make tomato puree and spread it on the plate or you can cut it into small cubes and arrange them in a nice order.

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