Will instant messaging ever rule the world? 

Will instant messaging ever rule the world? 

Instant messaging, which is less intrusive than a phone call and faster than email, is ideal for team collaboration. Furthermore, it aligns perfectly with Gen Z employees’ desire for the same immediacy in other areas of their lives to be reflected in the workplace. Communication is essential in all aspects of any business. As a result, it is important that inter-office communication be quick and effective. Instant messaging allows you to communicate with your coworkers at the touch of a button. Messaging, live video calls, and photo sharing are excellent ways to bring teams together, make quick decisions, and keep ideas flowing. 

“(Instant messaging) is going to be the next big platform for helping you connect with all kinds of services in new ways,” Mark Zuckerberg said at Facebook’s F8 conference. But where does instant messaging go from here, and what does this mean for marketers? 

Business communication – then & now! 

Business communication used to be done mostly via email. However, the steady introduction of instant messaging in business in recent years has changed how business communication happens. The evolution of instant messaging in the workplace has altered how people communicate and made it possible to track important business information. 

According to workplace communication statistics, “86% of employees and executives cite ineffective collaboration and communication as the primary causes of workplace failures.” Teams that connect effectively, on the other hand, experience a 20-25% increase in productivity. Based on these statistics, businesses must recognize the value of instant messaging apps. 

Surprisingly, businesses do not want their employees to use personal instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Skype. Businesses prefer to have a corporate identity, an audit trail, and administrative control in their customized instant messaging app through any expert. 

How is instant messaging used in business? 

In today’s business world, instant messaging, also known as IM’ing, is common. Instant messaging is used by employees for work projects, team-building exercises, and organizational communication. Client conversations and colleague socialization are examples of organizational communication. 

Some companies require employees to use instant messaging only during work hours, while others allow round-the-clock IM’ing. Although instant messaging can replace in-person conversations, it is typically used as a secondary mode of communication. 

Benefits of instant messaging – there’s more! Furthermore, instant responses such as one-to-one chats for faster decision making, group chats for quick topic resolution, team channels for immediate updates, and digital content sharing for better information exchange, among other things, are the best outcomes possible through instant messaging apps to increase the productivity of any business. So, what is the end result of using instant messaging apps? 

  1. 1. Faster processes and workflows 

The instant aspect of these messaging apps makes everything happen fast. It is possible to share files instantly. One can quickly share information with all colleagues or employees. How about providing feedback to team members – type in the comment, and you are done; it is that simple! Furthermore, it is simple to determine who is available and who is unavailable. Rather than emailing to determine one’s availability, one can check the status to see if the other person is available. 

  1. 2. Fewer hardcopy files, email overload 

There is no need to install large hardware systems or endless bundles of wires because it is simple to set up and control. As instant messaging apps are user-friendly, it only takes a few simple steps to launch the app, and you can get started right away! 

  1. 3. Reduced message handling time 

As email is a formal mode of communication, there are a few things you need to consider and do before hitting the Send button. However, instant messaging is as simple as ABC. The interactive and engaging nature of these instant messaging apps makes message handling simple and quick. 

  1. 4. Less time spent in meetings 

Physical conference room meetings are no longer exciting, and the amount of time spent on them worsens matters. Communication becomes clogged with follow-up emails, and it can take days, weeks, or even months to conclude a single discussion. Instant messaging apps make it simple to hold ‘real-time’ virtual meetings. 

  1. 5. Reduced travel expenses and time 

Companies can save a lot of money on travel as instant messaging apps make collaboration between teams and clients so much easier and faster. Another advantage is the time saved. Travelling to collaborate for work consumes a significant portion of your productive hours. 

  1. 6. Increased employee satisfaction and relationship 

Instant messaging platforms are an excellent way to promote the rapid exchange of ideas and encourage everyone to participate and contribute. Everyone in the group has the same level of access to shared information in IMs because everyone is on the same page. This ensures that no one feels excluded and, as a result, promotes employee satisfaction. 

  1. 7. Resolves questions quickly 

Instant messaging is not just for casual conversation with your team members. It is a great way to get quick answers to questions or gather feedback from your team members without back-and-forth emails. Furthermore, when employees ask a question, they will receive an answer from high-level coworkers whom they may not feel comfortable approaching in person or via email. If you work as a sales or support call agent and need information quickly, instant messaging can help. Instead of putting your client on hold, you can quickly ping your team members and receive a response. 

  1. 8. Builds efficient communication with remote workers 

Remote working is quickly becoming the new norm for an increasing number of businesses. Even though keeping employees engaged is critical for any organization, companies frequently overlook remote employees. Instant messaging ensures that all members of your team, regardless of location, have the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently. 

  1. 9. Maintains a record 

Instant Messaging, like emails and texts, keeps a written record of a conversation. This is critical if you want to remember the specifics of the discussion. Furthermore, if the messages contain important company information, it is critical to meet Securities and Exchange Commission guidelines. 

Furthermore, in Instant Messaging, each chat entry is unique, whereas, in email, you drag entire strings of emails in a conversation. 

  1. 10. Easy setup 

A conference call must be scheduled in advance, and each participant is given a phone number to call and a password to enter at the appointed time. The instant messaging setup, on the other hand, is always available and ready to be activated. In fact, you can request that everyone receive instant messaging at a specific time. Alternatively, if everyone is available, have them start I M chatting right away. 

Nonetheless, IM allows you to connect easily with people who are not present. As a result, there is no need to gather everyone in a conference room to hold a discussion. Instead, you hold an instant discussion via instant chat. 



As instant messaging allows workers to chat privately and quickly, it has already become one of the business world’s trends. As a result, instant messaging at work is a great way to get the information you need without the hassles of distance and time. As long as your employees are focused on their work and not distracted or misusing instant messaging apps, it has the potential to improve interpersonal interaction and, as a result, boost your company’s productivity. 

Why don’t you try Clariti for the best experience? Clariti is a free team collaboration tool that makes instant messaging simpler. Content-rich subject chat is one of the unique features of Clariti, where you can send and receive messages in a way that makes chats easier to understand. Clariti’s content-rich subject chats serve as a central repository for all work-related information, making it easy for teams to find what they need. These subject chats can also increase productivity by reducing the need to switch between applications.

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