Why should you play betting at the W88 bookmaker?

Why should you play betting at the W88 bookmaker?

Overview of the W88 bookie

W88 is a reputable online bookmaker established in 2008, managed and operated by the famous MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD group. Hence, W88 house is licensed to operate from the Philippine Department of Administration and Entertainment – ​​PAGCOR and First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation (CEZA) to ensure legality and transparency for players. In addition, the bookie is also the official global PARTNER of Leicester City Club in the English Premier League season 2020/2021.

W88 bookie offers attractive online casino and sports betting products. For more than 15 years of operation, the bookie has always dominated the number 1 position in the prestigious online casino rankings in Asia because of its reasonable betting rates, high security, and variety of services. In Vietnam, this bookie is currently ranked as one of the three most powerful and reputable “big guys” in the online betting market with a variety of games such as sports betting, football, casino, poker, lottery, keno, slot machine and so on.

Why should you play betting at the W88 house?

Interface ✓ Modern, easy to use

Betting products ✓ Diversified, high winning rate

Deposit and withdraw ✓ Easy, fast

Promotions ✓ Attractive, lots of great deals

Customer care ✓ Enthusiastic, 24/7 support

The W88 house always attracts a lot of bettors due to the provision of extreme gaming experiences to customers. When joining in this bookie, you will find that it has many outstanding advantages such as:

The interface of the bookmaker’s website is designed to create comfort and ease for users. Besides, the icons on the website are designed quite intuitively and have Vietnamese language to make it easy for players to understand and use.

The diverse and regularly updated betting products always bring new experiences to players.

The deposit and withdrawal mechanism at W88.com is considered to be fast and highly secure. Players are completely assured when making transactions in here.

Promotions at the house are always held in large numbers and on constant basis. The bonus value for members participating in the promotion is also quite higher than other bookies.

The security mechanism of customer information at the W88 bookie is considered to be extremely good with modern encryption technology which is regularly updated.

Professional customer service. You will receive support from the bookie switchboard when contacting through channels: website’s chatbox, direct support from staffs…

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Engaging promotion programs

In W88 bookmaker, there are standard marketing programs that apply to all players, as well as unique programs that apply solely to certain themes. So, in order to earn the right award, please read the regulations attentively.

  • 38 percent new season bonus (used for a two-month season)
  • 100% immediate bonus on first deposit
  • Immediate 50% bonus on second deposit
  • 15% daily top-up
  • Epic awards for the top 1 monthly top-up
  • Up to 0.9 percent Sports Cashback
  • 0.88 percent weekend sports rebate
  • 50 percent parlay bet return
  • 0.25 percent lottery refund
  • 0.6 percent Baccarat Rebate

  • 100 percent payback for casual card games
  • 0.8 percent Slot Game Cashback
  • Extra bonus for successive Baccarat victories
  • Offering fortunate sports betting tickets as a promotion
  • Up to 0.8 percent refund on shooting fish
  • Great birthday present promotion
  • 0.25 percent cockfight refund
  • Bonus for successive cockfight victories

Is W88 a trustworthy company?

What do you consider to be a trustworthy bookmaker? Some players define prestige as:

  • Having a lawful company registration
  • Not having been engaged in any scams POTS
  • Support for quick deposits and withdrawals

If that’s what you’re searching for in a trustworthy bookie, then W88 is the place to be.

To begin, the home W88 is a legally registered business in Phillipines, and it is certified by this agency as a prominent – high-quality – transparent playground.

Second, for all activities between players and the house, W88 invests in a customer information security program and uses advanced encryption technology. We pledge not to share any player information with any third parties, including the government.

Finally, W88 offers a variety of payment options and is affiliated with a number of banks. The deposit and withdrawal procedure at this site is exceptionally straightforward and quick, requiring no information verification or the submission of additional papers. The transaction will take roughly 10-30 minutes and may be completed at any time of day.

Our dedication

What do you believe makes a bookmaker trustworthy? A prominent bookie must meet the following criteria for some players:

– Legal business license

– Business records that are free of scammers

– Simple deposit and withdrawal procedures

If that’s not enough for you, W88 is the place to be. Let’s take a closer look!

To begin, W88 has obtained a company license in compliance with Philippines legislation, and the home has been verified as a distinguished, qualified, and transparent playground by all partners.

Furthermore, W88 focuses in customer data security, using cutting-edge encryption software to encrypt all player transactions and promising not to share personal information with any third parties, including the government.

Finally, W88 offers a versatile payment platform that is connected to a variety of banks. The deposit and withdrawal transaction is quite straightforward and quick, and it does not require any information or papers to be verified. Transactions at W88 are typically handled within 10 to 30 minutes and up to 24h a day.


W88 was designed with the sole intention of providing every participant with a joyful and life-changing experience. Playing with us means that all of the benefits are yours and yours alone.

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