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When becoming an official member of the F8bet bookie, you will be overwhelmed by the game set that the house offers. With the aim of meeting all players’ needs, F8bet has strived to bring all the most attractive games from all betting genres.

Hence, players can choose from simple games to complicating games that need careful thought and calculation. Please take a look at our game categories that are listed below:

Sports Betting

F8bet sports betting gives you a lot of interesting and attractive options. The bookie constantly updates data from all the exciting tournaments so that players can find fun and entertainment at any time. Whether you are passionate about football betting games, tennis, volleyball, skating or hockey …, we all have that for you.

Moreover, there are great win rate to help you feel excited when participating. There is nothing better than just having time to watch the dramatic matches and at the same time, you can bet to bring yourself great valuable rewards, right?

Online Cockfighting

Cockfighting is also considered as the category that contributes to the famous of the bookie. Bettors who love cockfighting will be completely satisfied because they can play anytime, anywhere. There will be no need to worry about playing time, space and about breaking the law when betting on cockfighting.

In here, we offers a full range of exciting cockfights from the biggest arenas like Thomo, Cambodia. On average, there are 15 to 25 cockfights every day to help you both watch and bet to satisfy your needs.

And the huge rewards from cockfighting are still something players don’t want to miss. As long as you have a good grasp, careful attitude and cockfighting experience, F8bet will definitely bring you a big victory.


Lottery is also a subject that many players can enjoy without rest. In F8bet, besides the traditional lottery, there are also quick lottery and super speed lottery. And F8bet also provides a variety of betting methods for players to choose. Furthermore, F8bet has an extremely high payout ratio of up to 1 to 99. That means, when you guess the right lucky number, you will win up to 99 times the amount you have placed.

In order to increase your chances of winning, F8bet also has a lot of information and statistics from experts. In short, this will surely be an attractive playground that you cannot ignore.

Exploding jars

Exploding jars is an extremely attractive category for players to choose. That’s because all the games at F8bet have their own bonus funds of up to hundreds of millions dong. You just need to turn into the jackpot box to get the full bonus fund. This game also doesn’t need much experience, gamers just need a little bit of know-how and some luck as well.

In this category, the game has a beautiful interface, simple gameplay and, as mentioned, a lot of bonuses. Therefore, the number of members participating in this kind of game is extremely large. As long as you have a stable internet connection and a device, you are free to experience it anytime, anywhere.

Esports bet

The bookie also gives you an extremely interesting Esports genre. Esports, also known as electronic sports, is a competition between players through a certain video game. In each match, players compete against each other to achieve final victory.

In detail, you can play on your phone, computer, tablet and other smart devices. Depending on the game, the animation will be different. Players nowadays usually love role-playing and fighting game with high strategies. These games require gamers to have a thorough study to claim their own victory. Some famous esports games for you to participate in are Dota2, LOL, PUBG Mobile, Fifa…

Fish shooting

Fish shooting or fish hunting is a simple game that many players love to experience. In short, this game is a place where you can freely explore a lot of cute sea creatures. Your task is very simple, just shoot any fishes you see and collect coins.

When you come to the gameplay, the image system with vivid sound is the advantage of F8bet. The game screen is created to be like in a vast ocean and players will become a great fish hunter. Note that, even in this simple type of game, players should need a smart game plan, knowing how to use the right ammunition to increase the chances of winning.

Tips for betting at F8bet

One of the things that gives you confidence when betting on tải F8bet is the tips and tricks. The following part will share about playing tips and information that we have gathered from many professional players. Please refer to it so that you can participate in betting at F8bet more conveniently.

Choose the right betting table

Choosing a betting table is something that not all players can know. Most of them will choose the lobby and table according to the personal hunch. However, what they should consider is choosing a suitable betting table requires a lot of calculation and prediction. What bettors need to do is finding table with pros and from there, receive and learn as much as useful information you can get.

Know your limits and stop at the right moment

Not everyone’s stake is the same. Therefore, you need to set yourself a limit point that fit with your paying ability. A small tips is that when playing, players should be initiative and comfort. Please leave all the heavy psychological fear of losing and betting bluff behind, you will see the different.

Active learning and always seeking for information

Actively learning about gameplay, related information, tips and tricks is always good for final results. Therefore, you should search on forums, sharing websites about F8bet betting tips before starting to play.

Betting skills also play a very important role. If you have time, you should practice more ability to collect, analyze and judge from the information you have about the bet and the team. These skills will help in improving your betting efficiency.

Strong mentality

Obviously, if your mind is not stable, it is difficult to win in gambling. In general, this kind of sport always needs to take psychological stability as the root so that rational decisions are more accurate. When you feel that you cannot stabilize your mind, it is best to take a rest. This resting period will stabilize your psychological situation and you can come back later for victory.

Final words

In this post, we have shared all of our gaming categories. We are certain that with this information, you will find a suitable game to start your online betting journey.

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