What you need to know about precision machining

CNC turning includes clamping a rod or tube of material on a chuck and rotating it while a tool removes material and makes the required form. “CNC Turning Services” are frequently the easiest and most cost-effective option for cylindrical components like pins, shafts, and spacers.

Who offers precision machining services?

AS PRECISION offers CNC turning since 2005. We provide CNC precision machining and a variety of CNC lathes that may be configured to your exact specifications, whether simple or complex. With our competence, we can provide certified CNC-turned components and quick, cost-effective service.

PRECISION focuses on machining and CNC production, thus we provide a range of CNC machining processes based on customer drawings. Cut, mill, turn, drill, grind, polish.

CNC machines trump manual lathes.

CNC machines can make components more accurately and quicker due to their precision.

CNC machines’ accuracy reduces component damage.

CNC machines are easier to run and maintain than manual lathes, and they may be customized for one-of-a-kind items.

CNC components are often less expensive than identical alternatives, making them cost-effective.


CNC milling parts may create unique components for your precise, customizable items. This is a great way to create components quickly and cheaply and to differentiate your organization from competitors. AS PRECISION may help your organization implement CNC milling.

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