What is Chicken Legs with Disturbance? Are Fighting Chicken Feet Good or Bad?

Scale-legged chickens are a rather unique breed of chicken. They are sought after by many cockfighters because of their feathered legs and the ability to deliver extremely dangerous blows. So is raising chickens with disordered feathered legs good or not? Let Nhacaiuytin help you get the most accurate answer.

Introduction: What is a chicken with scaly legs?

Chicken’s legs are scaly is a breed of fighting chicken with many feathers on its legs. They are considered by cockfighters to be good fighters and give decisive blows. With this new discovery, fighting cocks with scaly legs are considered rare and highly sought after.

In general, this breed of chicken is not much different from regular fighting cocks, but with “deformed” legs, it gives them the perfect instincts of a fighting cock that are difficult to have with other fighting cocks.

Why do fighting chickens have feathers on their feet? Good or bad?

No one has been able to explain why fighting chicken legs grow feathers, but because of this special feature, this breed of chicken is extremely rare. There are veteran cockfighters who have participated in cockfighting matches for many years and may not have seen them once.

According to research, feathered fighting chickens are a rare breed of chicken that is created using cross-breeding, the probability of creating is extremely low, only 0.1%. Therefore, when they heard about the appearance of this chicken breed, many cockfighters had to hunt for it.

Identifying chickens with disordered feathered legs

Identifying chickens with disordered feathered legs only requires focusing on their legs, toes and scales. Below are detailed features on the parts.

Pair of chicken feet

In general, the pair of chickens with disorderly feathered legs is similar to other fighting chicken lines, the only difference is the appearance of feathers in certain places.

Some animals will have rows of hair growing from the knees to the feet, hair growing in the front, back or both front and back of the legs, but there will also be rows of hair growing near the feet, retreating to the outer toes. The more feathers a hybrid chicken has, the messier they will grow.

Chicken feet scales

Their scales are not neat and can grow in, out, up or down, so identifying this breed of chicken by their scales is quite difficult. You can skip identifying a good chicken breed through this part. But if you find a fighting cock with feathered legs and beautiful, even scales, this is definitely a talented cock. You should choose it right away to avoid missing out on a real fighting cock.

Chicken toes

The toes are all full like regular fighting chickens, some of them will have feathers stretching down to the middle toe where there are many scales so you can easily recognize them.

Is it good for chickens with feathered legs and scales to fight?

The scaly-legged fighting cock is a beautiful-looking chicken breed that possesses the instincts of a real fighting cock. Most of this breed of chickens have decisive attacks, with few repetitions. Strong, fast and extremely accurate fighting ability.

Not all chickens with disordered feathered legs are talented and good fighters. Sometimes there will be chickens that do not inherit the dominant gene, so their fighting ability is quite poor. You can carefully examine the fighting style, eyes, appearance, and lineage to choose the best quality breed of chicken with scaly legs and feathers.

There is one thing you need to note, fighting chickens with scaly legs only exist in breeds of chickens, they have never been found in bantams or any other chicken breeds. You need to be careful in choosing chickens so you don’t have to “pick up” a poor fighting chicken.

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Things to note when choosing to raise chickens with disordered feathered legs

Fighting cocks with scaly legs and feathers are very popular with veteran cockfighters, but not all breeds of such chickens fight well. To choose a good rooster with scaly legs, you need to keep in mind a few things:

  • When choosing a fighting cock, you need to pay attention to whether its appearance is big and strong, whether its claws are sharp, or whether its eyes are flexible.
  • For careful cockers, you should check whether the feathers on the head, neck, and scales are smooth or not. If possible, let the feathered legged chickens participate in a few fights to evaluate their ability to attack.
  • Chickens have weak attacks and are not good at fighting. You should not expect them to become talented chickens. They can be raised as ornamental chickens or sold.
  • A chicken of good quality will have a short training period and will be quicker to fight and more ferocious.


With the information shared by  Nhacaiuytin, we hope to help you gain more knowledge about chickens with disordered feathered legs. Take advantage of your own experience and choose for yourself the best quality chicken with scaly legs to raise. Wishing you success.

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