What is a cross bet? Instructions on how to play parlay bets effectively

What is a cross bet? is one of the questions that receives a lot of attention from players new to soccer betting. Everyone wants to find out how specific this type of pole is? How to calculate points? What is the secret to being able to play effectively? The following article by 789BET will bring some detailed information for your reference.

What is a cross bet?

In soccer betting, parlay betting is also known as extreme parlay or Mix Parlay. The reason for this type of bet is that it combines different odds into one bet ticket. These include Asian odds, European odds, Over/Under, ½,… which are bet together. With cross bets, the payout rate is calculated based on the number of bet tickets and the number of bets made by the player.

Many bookmakers today have implemented parlay betting. Cross bets give players more choices than regular bets. That’s why you will have truly interesting and exciting experiences. For parlay bets, everyone only needs to have enough capital to bet. Parlay betting has the outstanding advantage of not requiring players to spend too much capital but can still earn huge profits.

However, the limitation of this type of bet is that just one losing result means the player loses the entire bet. That means if the player wants to win the bonus, he must win all bets. And according to current bookmakers’ statistics, this is a type of betting suitable for veteran players. Because it brings a very large bonus rate.

What are the rules for cross betting?

After understanding what a cross bet is, people should take the time to learn about the rules of this type of bet. Accordingly, in principle, everyone will bet on multiple bets at the same time. Overall, parlay betting is very simple. You can bet on 2 or more matches. Then everyone will choose the corresponding odds that the house makes public.

When the player has chosen the odds, you will enter the bet amount. Automatically, the system will calculate the bonus percentage you receive. Besides, some bookmakers today also allow players to enter the amount they want to receive when they win. And of course the odds will be calculated by the bookmaker for you.

How to calculate soccer parlay bets specifically?

The next part people need to pay attention to when learning about parlay betting is how to calculate parlay bets. In particular, for European handicaps, Asian handicaps or over/under bets, there will be separate calculations. Specifically:

Calculate handicap and over/under bets

In over/under and Asian handicaps, the formula for calculating odds = Winning odds coefficient x [(win odds coefficient ½ – 1)/2] x ½ (in case the bet loses half) x 1 (in case the bet is a draw) x … odds coefficient n. And the winning coefficient is the profit the player will receive exponentially.

But if any bet in the cross bet wins 1.2, the formula will be calculated as [(Odd ratio -1)/ 2] + 1. If any bet loses ½, the calculation formula is to take the coefficient as well. Dividing the odds by 2. For draw bets, the calculation formula is to take profit x 1.

Calculate soccer odds with European odds

Compared to Asian odds and over/under odds, the way to calculate money in European odds is very simple. The calculation formula is odds odds = Odds coefficient 1 x odds coefficient 2 x odds coefficient 3 x … x odds coefficient n.

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What is the experience of parlay betting?

If you already understand clearly about parlay betting, you should also learn more about effective parlay betting experiences. Among them, the betting experiences that experts often apply are:

  • Learn carefully about the rules and regulations of the game
  • Add more useful knowledge
  • Play 1 match instead of multiple matches
  • Run diagonally at the right time
  • Follow the matches closely
  • Place a cross bet on a match with a high winning rate

So the article has shared details for everyone to know what parlay betting is. Hopefully the sharing will bring everyone useful information, so they can better understand how to play parlay effectively.

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