Bai MatChuot What is that? Details on How to Play MatChuot Extremely Standard

Bai MatChuot is a relatively new game to us. However, this game is increasingly being introduced to Vietnam and is welcomed by many players because of its attractiveness. So we will together New88 Learn about MatChuot What it is as well as how to play it in the most detail for your reference.

Learn about card in Mat Chuot

Bai MatChuot (Mahjong) is a traditional Chinese board game. The game is played using a deck of small cards and pictures, which form distinct sets. The object of the game is to arrange the cards into matching sets and score the highest score.

In the article MatChuot, there are a total of 136 cards, including the numbers 1 to 9 and special cards such as the Dragon card and the Wind card. Each card can belong to one of four suits: Circles, Characters, Bamboos and Honors. Each set includes 9 numbers and may have special cards.

In the Mahjong game, players must create matching sets by selecting and arranging cards to achieve a high score. There are many different rules and variations of Mahjong, and specific gameplay may vary depending on the regulations and stability of each region or playing group.

Bai MatChuot is a popular and loved game not only in China but also around the world. This game requires strategic thinking, recognition and ingenuity to create suitable sets and win the game.

Bai MatChuot how many troops are there?

In the game MatChuot, the total number of cards used to play is 144 (not counting special cards). However, if special cards are included, the total number of cards is 160. Below is a list of cards in MatChuot:

For the numbers (used in four sets of numbers):

  • Spades (Circles): 1 to 9 (each number has 4 cards).
  • Characters: 1 to 9 (each number has 4 cards).
  • Or (Bamboos): 1 to 9 (each number has 4 cards).

For special cards:

  • Dragon: Dragon Spade, Dragon First, Or Dragon (each card has 4 cards).
  • Wind: East, West, South, North (each card has 4 cards).
  • Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter (each card has 1 card).
  • Flowers: 1 to 8 (each card has 1 card).

Details of each Mat card Chuot

If you want to be sure of winning, you need to understand in detail the content of each card. Thanks to that, you can easily be more proactive in playing cards and make better decisions. Gamers can refer to detailed information about each card in MatChuot down here:

  • Characters: Blue cards, numbered from 1 to 9. Special book cards have an image of a sparrow.
  • Circles: Red cards, engraved with the word “Van” for identification.
  • Winds: Tai Buo is a card representing wind directions and is symbolized by the letters East, South, West, North. In addition, there are also the Trung, Phat, and Bach cards.
  • Dragons: The skeleton includes two different types of cards, each with its own color and function:
  • Green Frame (Green Dragons): Includes three cards: Tong, Barrel, Stripe, Curtain. Blue frame cards have the ability to replace other cards in the game.
  • Red frame (Red Dragons): Includes: Hoa, Nguyen, Hop, Hy. Red frame mahjong cards can also replace other cards.

How to play card in Mat Chuot

Because of the card in Mat Chuot It’s a traditional Chinese card game, so if you don’t understand the rules, it’s difficult to play. That’s why you need to learn about the rules of playing Mat card gameChuot in the most accurate way. MatChuot There are complex rules, but focusing on the main gameplay will make it easier to understand and participate in the game.
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  • Banker: Each player (group) of cards will have a total of 14 cards. Phu can be phoenix (3 identical pieces) or bulge (3 pieces determined in order).
  • Floating Tai: Floating Tai Tai can only be used to create bongs, they cannot be eaten.
  • Check: The player will have 3 cards available and 1 card is drawn randomly or the opponent plays it unexpectedly.
  • Priority rule: In case there are many players in the Mat tableChuot and waiting to buzz (winning form), the person sitting on the bottom will have priority. Players who play mats or clubs also have priority.
  • Penalty: MatChuot There are a number of regulations regarding penalties in case of violations. If the player does not comply with the rules of the game, the player will be punished.
  • Wrong buzzing: If the player buzzes wrongly, there will be a penalty of 32-64 points and the money must be shared among all players at the table.
  • Nine cards: If a player captures 9 cards in the same row, he must notify all other players at the table. If you play a piece of the same row, you must share the money with other players.
  • Run: If the player has more than 3 flushes, he will not be able to run but must continue to play.


You have more understanding about card in Mat Chuot. This is a quite difficult game for beginners, but you will find it very interesting if you get acquainted successfully. Let’s join New88 to explore the game.

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