Top 3 easy-to-understand chess strategies for beginners

Chess is a battle of wits, a competition between two players with clever moves. Join online play at New88, you will experience many interesting chess games from players with different experiences. To master how to play and confidently win, please refer to the shares below.

Details of moves in a game of chess

As you know, a chess board will have 64 squares and is divided equally into two sides with two players. Each side will have 16 chess pieces, specifically 6 different types: pawn, knight, bishop, rook, queen, king. Using the chess pieces and the correct moves will help you easily calculate your playing strategy.
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How to move well to win quickly

Pawns have the largest number on the chess board with 8 pieces for each side. This is the piece with the least power and is arranged in the first row. In the table chess, the pawn moves 1 space forward (except for the first move, which moves 2 spaces). The pawn captures the opponent’s flag by moving diagonally on both sides and is incapable of attacking directly.

In rule online chess, pawns can only capture the opponent’s pawns and will not be able to capture stronger pieces on the table. However, if there is a chance to advance to the end of the opponent’s board, the pawn will be promoted to any piece (except the king). Thanks to that, the pawn will have the same power as the other pieces.

Move the rooks to play chess online

Each player will own 2 rooks and be arranged symmetrically on both sides in the second row. The vehicle can move horizontally and vertically and is not limited to the number of cells per move. This is considered an easy-to-use chess piece.

Unique move of the knight

The code is placed right next to the vehicle and has a relatively special gameplay. The knight is moved in an L shape to create tricky, unpredictable moves. In particular, the knight is said to be a chess piece with a free path. It can jump over the pieces to make its move. Therefore, players need to be very careful with this piece to avoid being caught by surprise by the opponent.

How to play the bishop in chess

The bishop has a rather specific path in a game. It only moves diagonally and also captures other pieces following these moves. Although tied to colored squares, the bishop is not limited to the number of squares for each move. Therefore, it can still move freely during the game.

Queen with unlimited power

The queen is considered the strongest piece because it can move freely in all directions and is not limited by any rules.chess any. When losing the queen, the player is at a great disadvantage and easily loses quickly. Because of her arrogant way, the queen can check the king’s appearance at any time.

The move is for the king

This is an important chess piece that decides whether you win or lose. Whichever side loses the king first will lose. The importance of the king is such that it is always protected around by pawns and other pieces. The king can move in all directions but can only move 1 square. Therefore, when you are in check, you can only use other pieces to block or move the king slowly.
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Instructions for playing chess New88

Understanding the entertainment needs of players, New88 also provides this subject. In addition to entertainment, winning will help players receive additional bonuses. To participate in chess, you need to take the following steps:

  • Step 1: Register an account in compliance with  New88 rules such as information must be accurate, only 1 account can be used,…
  • Step 2: Log in quickly and make a deposit and not miss any promotions from the house.
  • Step 3: Select game “Chess” was created by  New88 with different tables. Please follow and understand the specific rules before participating.
  • Step 4: Flexible moves to win. When playing online, you will not need to arrange the chess pieces because that is done automatically by the dealer. You just need to think to make the boldest and smartest moves. Winning will bring you a very generous reward.

Chess strategy to win against all opponents

To play, you must be a good thinker to shape your next moves. Each player often has specific calculations for one or several upcoming moves. In addition to the playing rules of the chess pieces, you need to understand the following specific strategies:

Make a good catch across the line

When the pawn moves 2 squares for the first time, it will encounter the opponent’s pawn. At that time, another pawn in its turn can move to capture the opponent’s pawn that has just moved 2 squares horizontally and still be counted as a diagonal attack. This is the first very important note so you can defeat your opponent as quickly as possible.

Rules of promotion in chess

This rule will help players reverse the situation and regain important lost pieces. Players need to take advantage of the opponent’s loopholes to gain access to the board wall and level up directly. At this point, the pawn can be assigned to any piece at will. However, approaching the opponent’s chessboard is often very difficult, so you have to be extremely careful and skillful.

Use castling rules

This is how to play when you have not moved the king or rook. This fighting style is very simple but is applied by many people. You just need to move the king towards the rook while the rook will move to lie close to the king. Thanks to that, the king will be better protected.


So, all information about how to play chess on  New88 has been fully presented in this article. If you love this intellectual game, please come to  New88 to enjoy the most interesting and quality chess boards.

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