What is 1×2 Bet? Expert Standard European Handicap Betting Tips

1×2 odds are a very popular form of soccer betting, used in every match. However, many bettors cannot define it What is 1×2 bet? How to read odds, predict odds,…So let’s go New88 Learn about 1×2 odds and how to place expert bets in the article below!

What is the definition of 1×2 odds?

Those of you who regularly participate in soccer betting to win prizes have certainly heard of 1×2 odds. 1×2 odds is a phrase that appears extremely frequently in most betting sites or football matches from large to small. So What is 1×2 bet? Is the 1×2 bet with a high payout and is it so popular?

To put it simply, 1×2 odds are also known as European odds in soccer betting. This is an extremely popular odds that is the precursor to any online soccer bet available on the market today.

European odds are also known as three-way odds due to its reward nature. 3-way in European football odds means win – lose – draw. These are the 3 betting options for this type of bet. Participating players only need to predict the final result of the match, which team will win, which team will lose, or whether the match score will be a draw and place a bet.

It can be seen that the gameplay and betting method of this type of bet is quite simple, all new bettors can understand and participate easily. For 1×2 bets, the redemption rate at each bet is also different depending on the nature of each match offered by the house.

What are the symbols and how to bet in 1×2 bets?


As mentioned above, European odds are a widely used betting odds in all major matches. Therefore, you do not know how to read the odds What is 1×2 bet? Let’s find out how to calculate European handicap bets New88 Find out the information below:

  • 1: Is the symbol for the home team, players place money on this bet when predicting the home team to win.
  • X: Symbols indicate draw results, bets when the match ratio is coincided with each other.
  • 2: Odds for the away team to place money when predicting the away team to win.
  • 1×2: FT1×2 is a variation of European handicap, where FT means Full Time. Players bet on this bet when predicting the result of the entire match, including extra time.
  • First half or Last half 1×2: This is a symbol for each half, you can determine the big difference in score of each team in the first or second half instead of the entire match result.

Tips for predicting big prizes at odds of 1×2

To increase your win rate and minimize risks in online betting, let’s join together with New88 Learn some betting tipsWhat is 1×2 bet? Please. Specifically:

Choose to bet on Halftime 2nd half odds

First experience that New88 What I want to share with you is the tip for betting over time. Accordingly, instead of betting on the first half, players can choose to bet on the second half or the entire match.

For beginners or players without high judgment, this betting method is extremely effective. Before the match, all comments are vague and predictive, but only after the first round can you accurately predict the winning team.

The chance of a comeback in big matches is very low, in 1×2 bets, players only need to predict the final winning team. Therefore, watching the first match to know the capabilities of the teams and placing money on the second half or the whole match is a wise choice.

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What is 1×2 betting experience according to competition strategy?

Besides relying on the betting time strategy, players can also rely on the competition strategy of each team to choose the betting odds. Specifically, when a player chooses to bet on the first half, if one of the two clubs has an attacking style, then bet on the winner.

Teams that have a aggressive strategy in the first half often have a higher chance of taking the lead and a higher winning rate. Especially in a match between two strategies: 1 attack and 1 defense, the attacking team will have the advantage in the first half.

Don’t bet money on the derby

Football derby matches are always tense and very unpredictable when both teams are dedicated to trying to get the final victory. Therefore, betting on these matches is often quite risky unless you are an expert with a standard view in football. If you participate in this odds, you should only bet with a small amount of money to gain experience!


The above article has helped you learn about ratios What is 1×2 bet? with extremely accurate prediction tips. So what are you waiting for, register an account New88 and participate in betting on European odds to win great prizes now!

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