What Are the Best Features of Pawleys Island?

Pawleys Island is a small island located off the coast of South Carolina, along the Atlantic Ocean. It is a very exclusive community that doesn’t allow outsiders on it, and there are only eight homes per acre. It is also closed since it has more of a private beach feel than being a popular vacation destination for people in the region. However, the island as a whole is what makes Pawleys Island unique. It’s got over twenty miles of sandy beachfront and about a dozen beaches that are unspoiled by erosion.

It also has beautiful lagoons and plenty of tidal pools for visitors to enjoy. In addition, it has its private beach and lots of significant fishing areas while still being close enough to Charleston to enjoy city life whenever you want. So, the best features of pawleys island are mentioned below, so try to stay focused and grab a proper understanding of the island. If you grab a better understanding, it will help you learn more about this island and allow you to decide confidently whether you should buy a house on this island or not.

  1. The Beach

Pawleys Island is a known vacation spot in South Carolina and is popular with tourists to the state. There’s a good reason for this. Pawleys Island has a private beach that stretches for miles and allows visitors to enjoy fun in the sun without any of the crowds or traffic you get at other extensive beaches. Don’t forget your sunscreen, though, because there is no shade on this beach, so if you burn easily, then bring your umbrella.

  1. The Fishing

There are a plethora of fishing spots on the island, and the water is filled with fish of all kinds. You’ll have to get your bait and tackle, but there are many good fishing spots on the island where you can catch flounder, trout, and reds.

  1. Wildlife

There are a lot of animals living in the woods on Pawleys Island, including deer, foxes, raccoons, and lots of different birds species. Each year, the island hosts one of the best birding festivals in the entire country. So, if you’re into birds, this is the place for you. There are also plenty of snakes and other reptiles, but these are mostly found on the island’s beaches.

  1. Biking

There are a lot of bike trails through pawleys island that allows you to explore and get some exercise, and there are plenty of great places to stop for a picnic or enjoy the view. The trails also have their little bridges that take you over the creeks to enjoy all this location has to offer.

  1. Horses

Many people who have homes on Pawleys Island keep horses because the island is so rural. There are usually a few horses around like you would see at any stable or barn, but they all belong to private individuals who brought them there themselves. There are lots of horse trails that you can enjoy, so make sure to bring your camera if that’s your thing.

  1. The Tennis Courts

There are ten tennis courts on the island, which isn’t a lot but still means there’s never a shortage of people to hit the ball with. There are also eight golf courses and a small natural area made up of some of the most valuable fauna on the island.

  1. The Golf

The island has two golf courses, and they are considered some of the best courses in the state. If you love to play golf, this is a big selling point.

  1. The Gullah Culture

If you want to learn more about a unique culture that isn’t found anywhere else in the United States, then pawleys island is the place for you. Its name comes from an African-American dialect of English, and many traditions come with being part of this community.

  1. The Kayaking

If you have your kayak, then you’re in luck. You can find plenty of beautiful spots to kayak on this island. However, it is worth mentioning that most of the island is protected by the South Carolina Nature Conservancy, so avoid paddling into any marked areas.

  1. The Fine Dining

The island has a few fine dining spots where you can get a taste of what Charleston has to offer. The Atalaya Golf & Country Club, the Stonewall Bar & Grill, and the Deerfield’s Restaurant. These are all exclusive fine dining establishments designed to give you a taste of what city living has to offer while still maintaining that rustic feel that makes Pawleys Island such a wonderful place to visit. You’ll pay a little more for the food, but you’re on an island, so it’s worth it.

  1. The Food

There are a few good grocery stores on the island, along with a couple of quality restaurants where you can get a bite to eat or a sandwich for lunch if that’s what you’re looking for. It is beneficial to mention that there aren’t many fast-food options on the island, and no pizza places or anything like that.

  1. The Water

The water’s calm in most places on Pawleys Island, and it’s just teeming with fish. If you love to fish, this is the place for you. If you’re into water sports, then you’ll have an excellent time. There are plenty of sailing and kayaking spots available, and some beaches are just ideal for swimming.

  1. The Housing

Pawleys Island has a pretty limited amount of housing options available, but they’re all beautiful and prevalent among visitors. There’s no public transportation on the island, so visitors have to travel around by car or boat to get anywhere on the island quickly or easily.

The mentioned are some of the significant features of pawleys island that can help you make an excellent choice while planning to buy a house on this island. Once you grab proper details about this island, it will be very beneficial for you and help you get the best experience after buying a house there.

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