Useful tips for players of Ku casino

Useful tips for players of Ku casino

Online lotteries are gradually becoming a hot mean of online entertainment nowadays. To players who wish to dominate the game, besides luck, there are many things they have to learn. Hence, the art of gambling is being interested and adored by many people. If players can clearly understand those methods, their performance and win rate will be increased surprisingly. In this post, we will give you some tips to master your game. But please remember, reality is far more complicated than theories and you guys should play with care and consciousness.Let’s find out with ku casino

Training your lottery memory

Lottery memory is also known as bingo memory. This is the experience accumulated over many long years of the lottery pros. You can simply understand that this method is all about recording and comparing special cases of jackpot.

Specifically, when these jackpot numbers appear, it will reset the probability of other numbers. There is a high chance that those numbers will appear on the next day. So, after many years of research and authentication, the lottery connoisseurs have drawn up a rule for playing lottery called the memorizing method.

With this method of probability calculation, players need to remember that the chance of each lottery company is different, for instance, the Northern bookie’s result will be differ from the Southern’s. And after having decided the right bookie, players only need to remember these sets of numbers or special pairs of numbers with the winning rate up to 98.9%. If these pairs of numbers do not show up all the time, you should rest to recuperate for the next hits.

Definition of the memory gambling method

Basically, memory gambling is one of the simple ways to get a high winning rate when playing. Therefore, new players should strictly follow this way because it is easy to control. However, they need to learn carefully about this method to make the right move and don’t forget to collect their own gambling experience.

In real business, experienced players will use their software to find out the exact jackpot number of a booker. From there, the player will statistically set up their playing strategy and choose their own lucky numbers. Those will be the numbers that are likely to return in the next rounds.

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Advantages of the memory gambling method

This method is based on an iterative rule, so the accuracy rate is usually high. Moreover, players do not have to pay much effort when using this method. This is surely a very simple and easy way to play your gambling games. So players will be completely confident when using this type of gambling. Just a little careful calculation, you will see the beautiful result.

Types of the memory gambling method

Memorizing based on the special prize

For this method, the player will take the result of the previous day as the basis. Then they have to conduct a memory chart to remember the today’s result to choose their own lucky number. Next step is choosing a pair of numbers that appears only one time or set up a possible chain of numbers to continue playing. This is quite simple to do but players need lots of knowledge to avoid playing against the rules. After having mastered the rules of the game, players should lay out their own set of tips. If calculating correctly, player will know which number will not return.

Memorizing based on the Northern booker’s result

I can assure that this type is quite simple to get used to. The core is that players need to look at the results of the Northern lottery company to check out the possibility. From the previous numbers on the lottery table, they have to create their own statistics and research. After having found the repeating pattern of certain pairs of numbers, players will find their own set of numbers to remember the exact pattern. This method is somewhat easy to implement but gamblers must process a careful calculation to avoid any unnecessary mistakes that lead to lose streaks.

Memorizing based on the numb figure

Players who use this type belive that by going against the flow, they will seek a new way to victory. This type contains some steps as followed:

The first is the same with other method. Players will rely on the lottery results table as that: If the B row is numb, it means that this row will not return. Then players should choose this pairs of numbers from B0 to BB for the next day’s result.

For example, if the 2-head is silent on the previous day, so today players should play around 20-22.

If the 5-head is numb as well as the 7-head, then the result might be amongst the following numbers: 50-55-70-77-57-75

If players start with the head of 2, 4, and 6 on many days before, then they can choose the number that ranged from 24-26-42-46-62-64 for the next day. 

Memorizing based on daily order

This method is totally relied on the days of a week. With a fairly simple and easy gameplay, players only need to remember the rule of which numbers will return on which day. From there they can find out the lucky numbers to hit the next day.

Looking carefully at the days, we can find a certain number that has the highest return rate on a specific day and choose that number to try our luck. However, players should note that there is some chance for this number to not return. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the appropriate amount of your bet and your total capital. In case that number does not return, players should consider to use it again in the future. Please do not be too stubborn to avoid unnecessary failure.

Some notes when using this method

There is some notes for players who using numb memorizing gambling. Numb tail means that the numbers do not appear or do not return on the results table. So from there, it is possible to accurately predict the jackpot on the next day.

After having the lottery results, players must carefully observe all the results and memorizing all of them. The numb figures on the lottery results table will be the proof to find the lucky number of the next day or many following days.

Players can also recognize the falling streak if they have enough playing experience. This is not a difficult task for those of you who are familiar with the rules of the lottery. But this way requires much careful calculations because miscalculation could lead to severe consequence. Here is a concrete example of this method:

If 02 and 20 show up on the result table today, then the next day you should bet on some numbers like 95 or 05.

If today’s result is 84 and 39, then the numbers of 64 and 77 should be raised.

If today result is 68 and 94, then you should play 88 and 48 tommorrow.


The above article has summarized information about memorizing method. We hope that from this useful knowledge, players can draw some tips for themselves to be able to understand the rules of the game and have some accurate calculations when looking for the lucky number. Please regularly monitor the website of Ku casino to update more effective gambling methods.

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