Tips to follow for a first time visitor to Goa

India is a country that has numerous tourist destinations, but nothing stands up to the aura and charm that Goa provides. The smallest state of India has sun kissed beaches, architectural wonders, night market and delicious food. If you are planning to head over to Goa for the first time there are a few tips to follow

Do not opt for the popular beaches always

The coastline of the place is enormous with a coastline of 105 kilometres that is around 65.2 miles. Baga or Calangute are the popular beaches and for most of the days they are packed to capacity. Take note that there are unexplored  and unspoilt beaches where you can unwind and relax yourself. A popular name that comes to the fore is Butterfly beach.

Exercise caution in the beaches of Goa

Though the beaches of Goa are the popular attractions, there are a few risks. Sunstroke and sunburn are the common risks associated with the beaches. So when you are heading to the beach apply a sunscreen Lotion that is UV protected, sun bathing should be done at small intervals and carry hat and a pair of sunglasses with you.

The place is quiet relaxed when it comes to bathing suits. It is a common sight to come across people in bikinis at the beaches. But take note that nudity is not encouraged in these beaches and you can be punished by law. Though some of the beaches in south Goa have strong up currents in the monsoons and it is marked by red flags. What it means is that swimming may turn out to be dangerous as it can sweep you on to the sea. So pay attention to the warning signs and do not head on to the sea without the lifeguards nearby.

Indulge in Goan cuisine

The years of colonization, a series of cultures have a telling impact on the cuisine of Goa. So if you are on a trip to the beaches do not miss out to savour the cuisine of the place. Do not leave the place without trying the Goan liquor that is the local feni made from coconut and cashew nuts. This is a strong liquor that can make you high quickly.

Explore the city on two wheels

One of the best ways to explore this city is on a two wheeler. Since the roads are well- maintained there would not be any hassle when you roam around this city. The cost of hiring the bikes are cheap which once again would be dependent on the off season. But rates could drastically drop if you plan to rent for a few more days. Before you are finalizing a bike take it for a test ride and check whether the bike is in proper condition and the tires are functional. Ensure that you carry your driving license with you always. Helmets are mandatory and you will get them along with your bike. There is no need to pay extra for it since it is part of your daily rent.

Be active

Be active, and engage in banana ride, scuba diving or indulge in some yoga experiences from the various yoga retreats once you reside in this place. This is a perfect place where you can try all this stuff and make sure that you do not leave the place without ticking a few of them from your list.

Explore beyond the sea and the sand

It is natural that people are drawn to the beaches, but this is not a true reflection of the state in the true sense. There are numerous activities in the city that you may indulge like the century old churches, wildlife sanctuaries and a lot more.

Even the place is home to the spectacular countryside that you make time to explore. The villages of Goa are dotted with the old Portuguese architecture, waterfalls, plantations, or quaint environment that is found on the countryside. One of the better ways to explore this is via a bike ride along with lush green vegetation and catch a glimpse of the scenic Portuguese houses.

Explore the best of South Goa and North Goa

Both these places have their own appeal. It is strongly voiced that you explore the best of both the places since they have a lot to offer. It is suggested that you move from the north to the South as you can tick off all the attractions in North Goa, and move over to the peaceful side of South Goa.

Getting your bargaining instincts right

Goa has some of the best flea markets and you need to be spot on with your bargaining skills in these markets. The first price that is offered is not the last and you need to play the game right. Some real bargains can be found in the handicrafts , carpets etc. that comprise a perfect souvenir of sorts

Do not use any addictive substances on the beach

There exists a possibility that you may invited to rave and beach parties. Be aware that a lot of these parties tends to have drugs in circulation. According to law consumption of possessing drugs in the city is illegal. If by any chance you are caught you could end up in ail for a period of 10 years. To exercise caution say no to drugs at all times.

The same caution is to be exercised in beaches and do not drink. It is banned at the beaches and you may land up in jail. So make sure that you do not indulge in such activities.

Goa is a destination for the young and the old. The beaches are an added attraction and draws in tourists from all over the country. Even there are numerous resorts in Goa that contribute to the splendour of this place. Most of them are packed to capacity during the holiday season and it is better if you book them well in advance.

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