Thomo cockfighting and survival rules about cockfighting rules

Thomo cockfighting is a form of competition between cocks in the Cambodian cockfighting ring. Matches are held continuously, bringing explosive matches. This form of betting was also born, quickly attracting a large number of people to try participating. Together New 88 Learn details about this unique type through the revealed content below.

Some information about Thomo Cockfighting

Thomo cockfighting, or also known as Cambodian cockfighting, is a unique event taking place at the Thomo arena in Cambodia. This place attracts a large number of players and audiences because of its large scale and reputation. This is not just an ordinary cockfight but also a unique entertainment experience as well as easy betting.

Destination Thomo located at the border of Vietnam and Cambodia is an entertainment center with casinos and legal casinos. Therefore, you can easily participate in the arenas here to satisfy your passion.

Thomo cockfighting arena is strictly managed, invested from A to Z to ensure professionalism and fairness. Referees and cockfighters are carefully prepared to support the match, and stands are built around it so everyone can watch every development of the match. For tourists, Thomo is the place to enjoy cockfighting, the ideal place to satisfy the passionate passion for entertainment and cockfighting matches.

Great advantages when fighting Thomo cockfighting

Currently, our country has not recognized cockfighting, so those who want to participate in the cockfighting experience need to go to foreign and professional arenas like Thomo. This arena quickly attracted a large number of members thanks to the following great advantages:

  • The appeal of cockfighting lies in the large amount of money bets, attracting betting enthusiasts with attractive profit opportunities.
  • Feel secure when playing here because this is a completely legal arena, reducing concerns and fears of the law.
  • Large capacity, allowing many cock owners, cock masters and participating cocks as well as bettors to have a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Full security camera system, ensuring absolute safety without any fraud, minimizing the risk of fraudulent behavior.
  • The quality of filming is guaranteed to be sharp and transmitted to online warriors.
  • Fighting cocks are thoroughly quarantined before each match, ensuring explosive and satisfying matches.

Rules of survival in Thomo cockfighting that players need to understand clearly

You need to clearly understand the rules to know how to determine victory or defeat in the match;

About fighting cocks

Fighting cock inside Thomo cockfighting plays an important role, ensuring safety and transparency for each match. The participating cocks are selected from famous and professional cockfighters, bringing the most explosive and exciting fights.

When the cocks participate, they will also go through the weighing and numbering process, after which this information will be updated into the computer data. The system will pair two numbers completely at random, ensuring fairness and excitement for the audience. In case the cocker withdraws, the remaining chicken will confront the joker chicken, prepared from the house.

If there is a difference in weight between the cocks when participating, the regulations allow consideration and a decision can be made to compete with cocks of similar weight class. Match Thomo cockfighting controlled under the referee’s control.

Place a bet

Before each match, players will have time to place bets, with many different betting options. You can choose the top match and choose a reasonable bet, typically with methods such as cockfighting with knife spurs, iron spurs…
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Rules for winning and losing

To determine victory or defeat Thomo cockfighting, the referee will make specific decisions as follows:

  • The cock loses the ability to fight: If the cock cannot continue to stand up and falls for a few minutes, it is a sign of defeat.
  • Do not compete in 1 round: Within 15 minutes, if the cock stands still and cannot see significant movements such as kicking, jumping, or biting the opponent, that will be a reason to consider losing. Just like in the case of a cock participating in a match but not competing, it is also considered a failure.
  • Do not run away: During the fighting process, if the rooster runs away or is defeated, this is also the reason to determine victory or defeat.
  • Draw and non-competition status: If the rooster handicaps within 2 pools (equivalent to 10 minutes) or both stand still and do not compete within 9 pools, the match will be considered a draw. However, this situation rarely occurs due to extremely strict training and professionalism.


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