The entertaining Victorian Premier Cricket

The entertaining Victorian Premier Cricket

Australia is another country that really loves cricket. For this reason, it is possible to find lots of great tournaments in this part of the world. Currently, online bet is possible with can be made on all the domestic competitions celebrated in the country.

Not only there are cricket competitions at a national level. It is also possible to find championships that take place at a state level as well. Here is where the great Victorian Premier Cricket competition comes into play. This is the most important tournament of the sport celebrated in the state of Victoria.

Those who perform greatly in this competition can be promoted to play for the Victorian Bushrangers. This is a squad that plays the List A and first-class formats of the game throughout Australia. For this reason, good players from Victorian Premier Cricket might have the chance to play in the Marsh One Day Cup and the Sheffield Shield. It is absolutely possible to make an online bet on those competitions with the 1xBet website.

How this competition came to be

Within the Melbourne area, cricket between various clubs was played from the early 19th century. However, they were mostly informal matches, and not many records concerning their results were kept. However, starting in the 1870s, it was decided to introduce some statewide competitions. The best cricket match odds from 1xBet website can also be found for some of these competitions that still survive.

Some of the first teams from the state of Victoria that became part of the Victorian Premier Cricket were:

  • North Melbourne;
  • East Melbourne;
  • Essendon;
  • and Williamstown.

However, back then, the distribution of talent was very uneven. This meant that some squads were much more powerful than others, and this remained for many years. Right now, this championship is far more competitive, and great cricket match odds are available from the 1xBet website, which also has lots of matches.

Changing formats

Across its existence, the Victorian Premier Cricket has changed format on more than a few occasions. Regardless of the format, fans can visit 1xBet – any online match from this competition is featured.

The most important modifications have been seen on the final stages of the competition. For example, in its first editions, the top four teams of the league stage were grouped in a 4-squad knockout, which started from a semi-final. Later, this was increased to six. Finally, the most recent editions feature an 8-team knockout stage, which makes the competition even more exciting.

Currently, any match from any stage of the Victorian Premier Cricket is available at 1xBet online, where many wagering options are featured.

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