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Parimatch is a bookmaker that has been a leader in the world of gambling and betting for 26 years. The company has become a well-known brand with a worldwide reputation. The geography of its partners includes 15 countries, and this list is constantly expanding. To promote the brand, the casino affiliate program cpa  was created, which provides advertising cooperation with webmasters.

Work on the RS system The commission is 25%
SRA Individual commission amount
Hybrid form Payment of a commission for attracting bettors + for a targeted action

On its resources, the partner distributes advertising materials and attracts users to register and place bets on the BC website. For this, he receives monthly fee payments. The Parimatch affiliate program offers to work under different conditions:

  • RS – the partner receives a commission from the funds spent by the new participant attracted by him. At the beginning, it is 25%, but the indicator increases as efficiency increases.
  • SRA – individual conditions for experienced partners. The percentage depends on the tools for attracting traffic and the indicator of the engaged audience.
  • The hybrid form is a combination of the first two options, which are suggested to the most effective agents. Spivpratsi parameters are hardened individually.

Regardless of the chosen model, the Pari Match referral program guarantees the payment of remuneration hourly and in full. With this, you need to expand:

  1. Advertising banners – the company itself distributes creative products. You can decide sports topics from dozens of disciplines, casinos, or others. The agent himself determines what the context of the resource should be given.
  2. Articles and texts – such materials can be submitted to the partner’s court with corrections. Applications what texts you can change the position of the resource in the system at random.
  3. Referral requests – according to them, the Parimatch affiliate program fixes the transition to users, after which the behavior on the betting platform is observed.

It is important to note that referrals are fixed in the partner database for life. This allows them to earn all the time they are betting and using BC products. At the same time, the high odds and variety of betting events offered by Parimatch keep users interested and guarantee their activity. Therefore, the agent will receive income at a consistently high level. Parimatch affiliate program is a great offer for any webmaster. By starting to participate in the partner program, you can not only monetize traffic, but also develop the popularity of your own resource thanks to the reputation of an official partner. At the same time, you do not need to make bets or be interested in sports yourself.

How to become a participant of the program

In order to become an official member of the partner program, you must submit an application for consideration. In a special form, you will be asked to indicate:

  • name;
  • email address;
  • phone number;
  • nickname in Skype or Telegram;
  • traffic source;
  • main geo to attract traffic for PMaffiliates;
  • password for entering the office.

Then the Pari Match referral program asks to confirm the procedure using the data from the letter received by email. Data verification takes an average of three working days, after which the company will notify the decision through a personnel manager and open access to the work account.

After that, Parimatch partner allows the agent to advertise the bookmaker on its resources. It is possible to use personal or thematic blogs, communities in social networks and instant messengers, websites and so on. The exact list of permissible sources of traffic and its localization is regularly updated on the bookmaker’s page. It is forbidden to use e-mail or other spam, as well as cheats and contextual advertising.

Parimatch affiliate program guarantees monthly payments of agency fees. For payment, you can choose one of the convenient methods: payment to a card, bank transfer, credit to an electronic wallet. The advantage of a partner is that the options are complementary, so any partner can decide a convenient payment method.

How to get banners and other materials for work?

All creatives and other tools are provided directly by the bookmaker. At the same time, there is a good selection of materials, and the accompanying manager will always tell you how to dispose of them as efficiently as possible.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount on the partner account?

The minimum payout threshold is $100. Upon its achievement, the partner automatically receives his fee once a month.

How does Pari Match partner increase income?

In order for the effectiveness of advertising to be high, it is necessary to correctly use content and provide information. A manager attached to him will help the partner to draw up a strategy for attracting traffic.

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