Sunway 48V 52Ah High Voltage European Warehouse Racked Lithium Battery

Introducing the Sunway Solar 48V 52Ah High Voltage European Warehouse Racked Lithium Battery, an innovative energy storage solution designed to meet the diverse needs of European warehouses. With its model number SW48B-HV-2500, this 10kwh lithium battery offers impressive specifications tailored for optimal performance in warehouse environments.


Featuring a flexible capacity ranging from 2.5KWh to 20KWh, the Sunway Solar battery adapts seamlessly to varying energy requirements, providing the versatility needed for efficient warehouse operations. Its battery rated voltage of 48-384V ensures compatibility with a wide range of warehouse equipment and systems, offering reliable power supply for uninterrupted workflow.

Compact Design for Easy Installation

Measuring 580220202.5mm and weighing just 23.5kg, this lithium battery is compact and lightweight, facilitating easy installation by a single person. Its streamlined design minimizes space requirements, allowing for efficient utilization of warehouse space without compromising on performance.

High Performance

The Sunway Solar 48V 52Ah lithium battery boasts high performance, with an impressive 90% usable energy, ensuring maximum efficiency in energy utilization. This translates to cost savings and enhanced productivity for warehouse operators, making it a cost-effective solution for long-term energy storage needs.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount in warehouse environments, and the Sunway Solar battery prioritizes safety with its multi-stage protection design. This ensures the safety of both the battery and the surrounding environment, mitigating the risk of accidents or damage.

Flexibility and Scalability

In addition to its performance and safety features, the Sunway Solar battery offers unparalleled flexibility, supporting 1-4 modules in parallel. This scalability allows warehouse operators to easily expand their energy storage capacity as their needs evolve, ensuring future-proofing and adaptability.


In conclusion, the Sunway Solar 48V 52Ah High Voltage European Warehouse Racked Lithium Battery is a reliable, efficient, and versatile energy storage solution for European warehouses. With its high performance, safety features, easy installation, and flexibility, it provides the perfect balance of power and convenience for optimizing warehouse operations. Whether for small-scale or large-scale applications, the Sunway Solar 10kWh lithium battery delivers unmatched performance and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted power supply and maximizing operational efficiency.

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