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In this world of business and hard work, most of us have no way to check our health, answer to calls and messages on the move, or receive reminders. A smartwatch, on the other hand, can handle all of these tasks. Allow me to tell you a little bit more about the Huawei Watch 3 Pro. Huawei unveiled the Watch 3 Pro in June 2021. It can monitor your health as well as your personal work at the same time. In addition, the watch constantly measures your heart rate and informs you when you are working too hard. It can also be used to deliver real-time statistical data in sports. For more information and purchasing, Kindly Visit huawei watch.


The Huawei WATCH 3 Pro measures 48 mm in width, 49.6 mm in height, and 14 mm in depth. According to the specifications, it is a slim and sleek designed watch with a luxury appearance. The watch fits comfortably on wrists measuring 140–210 mm. The weight of the watch, excluding the strap, is approximately 63g, so it will never strain your wrist.


It supports a colour AMOLED screen that measures 1.43 inches in size. The watch has a resolution of 466 × 466 pixels and a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch. The Huawei WATCH 3 Pro supports full-screen touch gestures such as pressing and holding, tapping, and swiping. With the fully rotatable crown, you can not only touch but also scroll through the display.

The watch includes a plethora of pre-installed screens and faces. You can, however, make your own customised faces and use them as themes. Simply record a 5- to 10-second video and set it as the display.

Acts as secondary phone:

Huawei has introduced eSIM technology, which allows your watch to make and receive calls, as well as read and send texts and emails, without even connecting to your phone. Instead of a new phone number, eSIM technology uses your old one. You may still contact your friends and family if you leave your phone at home.

Your personal assistant:

Celia, Huawei’s personal assistant, has been integrated into the Watch 3 Pro. Celia allows you to record anything on the watch using the built-in microphone and listen to notifications using the watch’s pre-installed speaker. You can use Celia to make calls, send voice messages, and control your connected gadgets.

It may respond not just to your voice, but also to your gestures. You can literally accept or decline calls with a single gesture. A clenched fist will answer the call, but a turn of the wrist to the side will mute it.

Health tracker:

Wearing this watch allows you to track your movements in over 100 sports and display statistical data on the screen. In addition, the watch will track your heartbeat in real time. You can also wear the watch when swimming. Hiking, cycling, and so on.


On the watch, there are two modes. The first is smart mode, which allows your watch to survive nearly five days on a single charge. The second mode is the ultra-long battery mode, which allows your watch to last for up to 21 days.


Huawei WATCH 3 Pro is a great option for everybody. You can manage your communications even if you are not connected to the phone. It’s perfect for travellers because it has a power backup of 21 days. The Watch has a built-in microphone and speaker, letting you to interact with it through voice commands.

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