One of the Huawei Super Devices

The super device for smart office is a promotion activity of Huawei technology, among those devices, there is a flagship notebook model with an ultrathin and super light design. As a premium model, the MateBook X Pro will talk today is considered a high-grade laptop for good reason. The notebook offers premium specs and features worthy of other top-tier laptops, and even outshines some of them in some aspects.

Build Design

Highlighting yet another premium design, the MateBook X Pro is expertly crafted with a simple yet classically stylish appeal. Through color options including the classic Space Grey and Emerald Green, the notebook stands out from the competition composed of mostly dull colors. Durability is top-notch given its aluminum body, which is also highly scratch-resistant and sturdy in hand.


The MateBook X Pro comes with a 13.9-inch display and a display resolution of 3000 x 2000p. Super thin bezels around the sides maximize the beautiful display capabilities while also ensuring fully detailed images through its 3:2 aspect ratio. Furthermore, the display features touchscreen capabilities, which are always useful for improving functionality, navigation, and overall user experience. The touchscreen provides a number of interactions with high responsiveness, ensuring that the touchscreen experience is as smooth as possible. Similar to other models with touchscreen capabilities, the screen is a fingerprint magnet, which is inevitable yet fairly easy to deal with using a piece of dry cloth.


As expected, the keyboard quality on the MateBook X Pro continues the trend of premium standards and proves to be better than most other keyboards on top-tier laptops. The ergonomic key layout with fairly spaced keys and a sturdy board are fabricated to provide the most comfort and efficiency when typing. Also, the keys are positioned to suit virtually any finger and hand position. Tactile feedback and keystrokes produce satisfying sounds and touch, which ensure a pleasant typing experience even during long hours of use. The keyboard even includes backlighting, which is mostly subtle and perfect for typing in low-light and dark environments.

Along with the keyboard is the Free Touch trackpad, which is noticeably better compared to the ones on previous models. The touchpad features improved haptic tactile feedback and more responsive friction, which translates to a smoother, more accurate, and easier to control trackpad.


The MateBook X Pro is powered by an Intel Iris X graphics card and an 11th generation Intel Core processor. Compared to other premium laptops, the MateBook X Pro’s internal hardware is lacking by a bit. Despite this, the notebook specs are adequate enough for reliably solid performance that can handle basic work and productivity-related tasks with no issue. Some light rendering and graphic work can also run smoothly, but the MateBook X Pro would struggle with more demanding programs and triple-A titles.


Given the 56Wh battery, the MateBook X Pro falls just slightly below the average of high-end laptops and can last for around 10 hours with video playback. For most, a 10-hour battery is enough to last most of the day before needing to recharge for just under two hours.


The ultrathin and lightweight design of the MateBook X Pro is especially emphasized and ensures that the laptop is easily portable and compact for convenient on-the-go use. Here are some main features of huawei super notebook, hope you will like it.

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