Smart Light Bulbs

Smart Light Bulbs: How They Work and How to Set Up Them?

A Smart Light Bulb is the front for a lot of our digital experiences. These smart light bulbs can make your life even more accessible. You can control them via a remote. In addition, smart lighting is a significant automation component.

It provides an effective way to handle or adjust your home’s lighting, and they are very easy to use. In addition, it is an excellent alternative to regular or traditional bulbs because it consumes less energy than them.

A smart light bulb provides people easy access to manage their room light from anywhere. You should know that all smart light bulbs in your home are connected to each other through the internet.

How do smart LEDs work?

Smart light bulbs are much similar to regular light bulbs. The key difference between them is that mobile devices, smartphones and tablets manage them. They receive instructions and connect wirelessly from an internet hub. Most smart light bulbs work in two ways:

  • Networking with another bulb using Bluetooth
  • Connecting to the cloud through mobile data and Wi-Fi

The connectivity of smart bulbs allows people to turn them on or off using smart-home routines remotely through the mobile application or voice control. Furthermore, there is no need to switch on the light button; give a command that can turn on each light in your home.

How do you set up a smart light bulb?

When it comes to smart lighting bulbs, many people have doubts about how smart bulbs work. But, it is straightforward to set up a smart light bulb as it doesn’t need any heavy installation, such as rewiring or drilling. Just like all automated devices, smart light bulbs also use wireless technology, which allows people to handle the bulb lighting using an application. Instructions can be different for every bulb but usually speaking, setting up a smart-light bulb:

Ø  Plug in the hub

If the smart light bulb comes with a hub so, plug that hub into the router.

Ø  Get rid of incandescent bulbs

The first thing you should do is remove the old bulb and set the smart light bulb into the desired light fixture.

Ø  Visit the application store

Install or download the mobile application of the smart light bulb and affiliate it with the bulb brand that you purchased

Ø  Pair the smart light bulb with the application

Connect the smart lighting with the mobile application that you installed on your smartphone

Ø  Label the bulbs

Name the bulbs intuitively, for example, “bedroom night table lamp “, so that it is clear which room’s smart light bulb you are controlling at a time that you pair numerous.

How much does it cost to install smart light bulbs?

The cost of the bulb is based on the brand that you choose. It also depends on the type, whether it is wired or wireless, used outdoors or indoors, and whether it is a lamp and has a hub or not. In addition, the minimum cost of this bulb is $2.24, while there are also expensive options which cost over $60.

Where can you use smart light bulbs?

Anywhere you could use traditional or regular light bulbs, you can utilize smart light bulbs. However, they are best appropriated for fixtures and table lamps which are not linked to wall switches. A smart switch may be a better solution to this situation.

In addition, there are better options than smart light bulbs for lights, such as ceiling fans; the reason is that a few smart light bulbs, especially bulbs without hubs, may be bulky.

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