Sky View Dubai Eligibility and Package Details

Sky View Dubai Eligibility and Package Details

Among different unique and futuristic architectural examples in Dubai, the Sky View is the most desirable ones. Not only this spot stuns the viewers with its masterpiece architecture but also offers a spectacular view of the entire city. Whether you are someone who already stays in Dubai or you are a tourist here, this place manages to attract everyone due to its beauty and glorious architecture.

Tourists from across the world visit Dubai to have a view of the skyscrapers and also several other architectural beauty introduced by this place. It is due to such stunning constructions that you also enjoy a spectacular view of the Dubai skyline. When the city looks so beautiful when you are on the land, imagine its beauty when you are watching it from a height that touches the sky. Thus, if you are missing out on your visit to the Sky View in Dubai, you are surely missing out on a major experience on your trip.

The Sky View in Dubai maintains a few eligibility criteria due to several activities that are available here. So, if you are planning your trip here, you should check the eligibility criteria and also the package details so that you can get the best deals.

What to Enjoy?

When you are here at Sky View Dubai, the first thing that you will enjoy is the spectacular view of the Dubai skyline from a height of the 50th floor. Apart from this, there are so many other things that you can do within the 45 minutes time duration. You can walk on the 25 feet glass floor to get a 360-degree view of the city. Also, there are other activities too such as riding the glass slide or even walking through the edge that is perfect for those who are brave at heart.

When to Visit?

There are two different time options when you can visit the Sky View. The first one is from 10:30 am till 3 pm while the second one is from 7 pm to 9 pm. Now once you have booked your tickets, you need to select a slot during which you wish to visit the Sky View.

If you wish to enjoy the most beautiful skyline experience, then you should visit the Sky View during the peak hours of 4 pm to 6:30 pm.

Eligibility Criteria:

As the Sky View is a glass podium architecture, there are some eligibility criteria that you need to follow during your visit.

  • The Sky View Observatory is only for kids who are above the age of 3 years.
  • Only people who are between the age of 12 years old and 65 years old are allowed for the glass slide ride or the edge walk.
  • Kids who are above 12 years but below 18 years will need to present an approval from the guardian.
  • People who wish to go for the glass slide should be within the weight criteria of 50 kgs to 100 kgs.
  • Similarly, there are a height criteria of 130 to 210 cm for the glass slide as well as for the edge walk.

The Usual Package:

The usual package or the package of the non-peak hour is comparatively low in price. If you are taking this package, you will get the entry ticket for the Sky View Observatory and also access to the glass slide on the 53rd floor. The entire visit will be of 45 minutes and you can spend a good amount of time viewing the skyline of Dubai.

The Peak Hour Package:

The next package is the peak hour package which is, of course, higher in price than the usual package. This will just consist of the entry ticket and the access ticket for the observatory. But visiting the Sky View during the peak hour is an experience that is worth remembering because you will be able to see the golden sunset covering up the entire city during this time.

Apart from the above two packages, there is another package of a private package where you will get the facilities of the usual package along with the facility of pick and drop from your hotel or your specific location.

Just choose your package and avail deals over it to buy it at a great price. Select the slot after the booking and you are ready for the visit.

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