Best of IMG Worlds of Adventure

Best of IMG Worlds of Adventure


The world’s best and biggest indoor theme park, IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai, is full of thrills and joy that keep you hooked to this exciting, wonderful place. The fun you have here has no substitute. The adventurous activities, fun games, and exciting attractions keep your adrenaline rush high. IMG Worlds of adventure has become synonyms of a rollercoaster park. Rides such as Velociraptor and Predator will leave you numb when you experience these incredible rides. The park is divided into separate zones called epic zones, and each zone has a unique experience of rides and thrill activities you will find nowhere else. These zones are themed as Cartoon Network, The Marvel, IMG Boulevard Zone, and The Lost Valley. The best means of transportation to reach IMG World is by metro. The nearest metro stations are The Dubai Mall and Mall of The Emirates. IMG Worlds of Adventure is just 10 Km away from the Dubai International Airport.

Whether you are an adventurer or finding a place to destroy your fears, IMG Worlds of adventure is the perfect place to be. We have curated the list of 5 top activities you can’t miss here.

  1.  The Haunted Hotel

If horror thrills you and you are a daredevil, then, The Haunted Hotel is a must-visit for you. Remember, getting in is easy, but you can’t escape from here once you get inside. A maze of corridors and changing scenery, eerie mannequins with scary backdrops and characters will leave you trapped.

The more you try to come out, the more you lose in the hidden world of The Haunted Hotel. This scary hotel welcomes guests aged 15 and older. People aged between 15-18 will be required to show their ID cards at the entrance.

  1.  The LazyTown

The name is LazyTown, but it is no lazier. It will shed away all your laziness. If you love to dance, you can learn amazing dance steps and groove at Stephanie’s Dance School and at the same time explore Robbie Rotten’s secret liar. The kids must remove their shoes and be in socks alone all the time.

LazyTown also has pirates adventure, but you will be required to pre-book this because of the heavy rush. Remember that the approval is not guaranteed due to limited availability. Also, there is no option for re-booking. So, be on time!

  1.  Forbidden Territory

Have you ever dreamed of being in the real-life era of dinosaurs in the 21st century? IMG Worlds of Adventure tickets offers you to fulfill the dreamy wish of every adventurer. You can see Life-size Dinosaurs in the Forbidden Territories and enjoy the feeling of time travel. Here you get the chance to encounter the most amazing yet terrifying creatures ever existed on this earth. Objects here are closer than they appear, so tighten your courage and roam around carefully. Height restriction for a person is 1.30m. The minimum height allowed is 1.05m if escorted by an adult, and the maximum height is 2.08m.

  1.  Marvel Zone

For all the marvel fans out there, this Marvel zone in IMG Worlds of Adventure is heaven on earth. The largest indoor theme park leaves you gasped with its incredible setup. You can meet Hulk and purchase your favourite merchandise available at the retail stores in the marvel zone. All the superheroes like Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor, and The Avengers will appear before you in their best version. Visitors find themselves part of this universe of living superheroes and enjoy every bit of it. This zone of IMG Worlds of Adventure is irresistible for die-heart marvel fans.

  1.  IMG Boulevard

The fun at IMG Worlds of adventure does not end here, visitors can enjoy the unique and ultimate dining and restaurants build herein. You cannot resist relishing the cuisine at the Dubai theme park. This is the heaven on earth for gourmets. First, you can visit the Popcorn factory and enjoy hot pops in a wide variety of tastes and colours. Boulevard Gourmet offers you the best food from four continents, and the view from the terrace is scintillating. Further, you can visit the Samosa House, Flavors of Arabia, The Coffeehouse, and last but not the least, shopping in Dubai Theme Park.

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