Poker Card Order – Supplementing Necessary Knowledge for New Players

Poker card order This is basic knowledge that if you understand it well, you will be able to create the best card combinations and easily win against your opponents. To collect necessary and accurate knowledge, players should update the articles of New88 today team of leading experts right below.

Poker card order – Basic information

Poker card order is the combination of cards together to create a specific combination in a match. Depending on the link that the player creates, this combination will have different large or small values.

Poker card order – Data you need to know

The order in the Poker game will be arranged by size from high to low. Remembering this content, it will be easier for you to combine cards and use appropriate strategies for each specific situation to achieve victory.

The importance of understanding “Poker Card Order”

Why do experts advise players not to ignore the above content? Below are the basic reasons we need to understand how to arrange the value of combinations in the Poker card game:

Grasp the essence

Participating in the card game, the player’s task is to cleverly combine 2 private cards with at least 3 out of 5 community cards to create the strongest hand, winning against the opponent. So knowing the hand rankings also means that you understand the nature and increase your chances of winning against your opponents.

Master the game

With each community card revealed on the table, we can create combinations of different values. At this time, clearly understanding the order of Poker cards, the player will grasp the % chance of winning, thereby offering activities: Call/raise/bluff is the most reasonable.

Why should you know the order of Poker cards?

Poker card order – Specific and clear regulations

The data below will help players understand the strength and weakness of the hands and how to arrange them by value from high to low.

Royal Flush or Dragon Hall

Royal or Royal Flush or Dragon Hall are different names for the hands with the greatest value in a Poker match (A set of 5 cards 10 – J – Q – K – A of the same suit). Because there is no difference in the size of the cards, players who own the same set will be considered equal in points.

Straight Flush

Barrel pThe main straight line is a consecutive set of 5 cards of the same suit, for example: 3 of hearts – 4 of hearts – 5 of hearts – 6 of hearts – 7 of hearts. In case players both own Straight Flush, we will need to compare the value of the highest piece, whichever side is higher wins, if equal then it is considered a draw.

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Four of a kind

This is the combination of 4 identical cards with 1 odd card, for example: 4 hearts + 4 diamonds + 4 spades + 4 clubs + any Jack. Comparing two sets of four of a kind, we will consider their value, whichever side is larger will win (The highest is four of a kind A, the lowest is of four of a kind 2).

With Lũ/ Full house

Full flood includes 3 identical cards and any pair, for example: Three 8s and a pair of twos. Comparing the full house, we first need to consider the trio, whichever side is bigger wins (The highest is house A, the lowest is house 2).

Barrel/ Flush

Set of 5 cards of the same suit but not of consecutive value, for example: 4 of hearts, 7 of hearts, 9 of hearts, J of hearts, A of hearts. Considering the two bins, we will compare the size of the highest card. If thousands are equal, consider the 2nd – 3rd – 4th – 5th highest cards.


The order of Poker cards has the same value but the suit is different, for example: 3 of diamonds, 4 of hearts, 5 of hearts, 6 of spades, 7 of diamonds. If two players both own a straight, we will compare the highest card, whichever is higher will prevail, in case of equality it will be considered a draw.

Three of kind

The next Poker card order is Sam Co – A set of three identical cards that are 2 unconnected cards. Comparing Three of kind with each other, we will consider the value of the three, whichever side is higher wins.

Understand correctly the order of Poker cards number 7 – Sam Co

You/ Two pair

The main interest is the Poker 8 card order, which includes the collection of two pairs and an odd card, for example: Pair 4, pair 7 and card A. Comparing two pairs, we first consider the highest pair, if If they are equal, consider the second largest pair and the last odd pair.
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Pair is a set of 2 identical cards combined with 3 odd cards without any connection. Comparing pairs, the player needs to consider which pair has the higher value. If they are equal, then compare from largest to smallest.

Mau Thau/ High Card

The lowest order of Poker cards is Mau Thau – Five cards that do not have any connection to each other. In two sets of High Cards, we find the winner by comparing the highest card to the smallest card.

Poker card order – Gather necessary information that has been accurately updated by New88 experts above. Save yourself the basic knowledge above to start the green nine match in the smoothest way.

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