playing at ae888

playing at ae888

When playing at Ae888, players are always filled with interesting experiences and abundant bonuses at a peak rates. So, today, we will show you how to deposit and withdraw money in AE888.

Deposit methods

Using a local bank account: This is the most popular method because it is highly secure and has the shortest waiting time. With the powerful system, AE888 supports almost all the banks on Vietnam and others foreign banks.

Scanning QR code: The advantage of this top-up method is that it is extremely convenient and fast. With some simple steps on your phone or computer, you can easily deposit money to your AE888 account.

Using phone cards: This method is suitable for those who are familiar with phone cards. Like other top-up ways, your money will be sent directly to your AE888 account. But there are also some limitations. This method is quite expensive and requires some effort to scratch the card when you want to deposit a large amount of money.

​Using payment gateways: Some popular gateways used by AE888 players are ViettelPay, MoMo Wallet and ZaloPay. This is also a quick way to deposit.

How to deposit

There are many ways to deposit money into the AE888 account. We will show you how to do it.

Using local bank account

Log in to your AE888 account in -> select “Deposit” -> select “Local Bank” -> Fill in the bank information, select the transaction and complete the relevant information about the bookie -> “Transfer” money -> select “Confirm Transfer” to complete the transaction (Remember to save the invoice when there is a need to confirm).

Using QR code

Log in to AE888 -> “Transfer” Money -> select the form of QR Code Remittance -> Select the bank to make the transaction and the amount you want to deposit -> confirm by clicking “Scan QR code” -> save QR code and code to perform banking money transfers.

Using phone cards

Log in to your AE888 account and choose “Top up with phone card” (fill in the required information correctly and completely) -> select “Proceed” to complete the transaction. (The fee is quite expensive, which could be from 19%).

Using Momo pay

Log in to AE888 -> select “Momo pay” -> Fill in the required information completely and accurately (payment method, deposit amount, …) -> select “Generate QR code” (Please save the code) -> Scan code with Momo wallet to complete the top-up.

Our advices

When making deposits through local bank accounts, please keep your receipts in case of delay or other problems.

The AE888 coin system is divided by 1000. For example, if you deposit 2 million Vietnamese dong into your account, you will see the balance is 2000 coins.

When depositting via QR code, you need to ensure the minimum balance in your account for transferring fee.

If you deposit money through phone, you may have to pay some transaction fees.

So that is enough for depositting. Let’s move to withdraw process.

Advantages of withdrawing money at AE888

Ae888 always cares about players’ rights ​​and desires to give maximum protection to their interests, especially in the withdrawal procedure. With many years of operation, we commit that you will earn maximum profit with us.

In one transaction, you can withdraw at least 200,000 VND and maximum of 150 million Vietnamese dong. In case you want to withdraw more, AE888 will still support you in 1 day with the maximum amount of 300 million Vietnamese dong.

We provide lots of withdrawing method with highest speed. Players just need to provide accurate information and other bonus conditions.

When players withdraw money through a bank that we support, there is no fee for 3 transactions in a day.

We commit to give maximum security to all personal information with 2 layers of password protection and super secure encryption technology.

How to withdraw?

Step 1: Access and log in to your account from official link and phone application.

Step 2: Select “Withdrawal”.

Step 3: Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.

Step 4: To confirm the transaction, click “Continue”.

Step 5: Select “Add bank” and enter the required information.

Step 5: click “Save” to complete the request.

Withdrawal conditions

If you wish to withdraw your money, you must satisfy some requirements.

All transaction information and bank account must be 100% matched.

Players must not violate any of AE888’s terms and policies.

If players wish to withdraw money from promotion programs, they must satisfy all the extra conditions.

Our advices

Do not use any other account that is different with the original registered account when withdrawing. Otherwise the system will report an error and the request will not be confirmed promptly.

You should watch the withdrawal time to avoid the maintenance time which may cost you more time to wait. On a normal basis, withdrawal orders which are requested in the morning from Monday to Friday will be processed much faster than those placed in the afternoon.

You need to meet all withdrawal conditions to be able to withdraw.

Please respect the rules and policies of AE888 to ensure the best benefit.

After receiving the withdrawal request, we will quickly confirm and process it. Usually, the time to request a withdrawal will fluctuate within 2 hours. If you still have not received any response after 24 hours, please quickly check the information again or contact us immediately. The sooner you contact us, the faster we will find out the delay reason and you may avoid any risks of losing your money.

In conclusion, we have given you everything you need about depositting and withdrawing money at AE888. We wish you have the best time with us. In case of any situations, we will respond with fastest speed and commit to solve all your problems 24/7.

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