Phom – Game Rules and Secrets to Winning Chances

Phom is an entertainment game chosen by many players when they need entertainment and reward hunting. Currently, this game has appeared on the online platform with extremely outstanding advantages. If you want to discover how to participate, the rules of the game or the secret to playing cards effectively, don’t miss the shares Hi88 introduced in the article.

Introducing the card game Phom

Phom also known as Ta La, is an entertaining game that has been loved by many people up to now. You will see them appearing quite commonly in Vietnamese casinos or spontaneous tables on holidays.

Introducing information about Phom card game

According to the records left behind, this game was invented by the ancestors of the Vu family, and began to be born and spread in the 20th century. With interesting and attractive rules, this card game will bring new experiences to those who have never participated before.

Detailed rules of Phom card game

If you want to clearly understand the rules of this game, you can refer to some of the information we give below.

How to operate the game

In the game, you will be dealt 9 random cards from a set of 52 cards. The player’s tasks through the rounds will be as follows:

  • Drop a trash card on the table, then pick a card from the pile to balance the number.
  • If the previous player has a card that you need, you can take that card instead of drawing from the pile.
  • The person who plays the first card in the game will not need to draw more in the first round, they will be given priority to deal 10 cards.

How to operate the round

Every game Phom There will be a total of 4 rounds. Before the end, if anyone gets 9 cards to form valid links, the round ends. If not, at the end of the rounds, scores will be compared to know who has the most links with the lowest odd card value.

How to calculate points

In general, the scoring method in card games is not too different. For Phom, you still follow the following principles:

  • From 2 – 9: The number on the card price represents their point value.
  • 10 – J – Q – K: All count as 10 points.
  • A: 1 point.

This scoring method will be applied at the end of the game to find out who has the lowest score.

Phom link

The top concern of the brothers when participating in the game is to create as many links as possible phom the better. Specifically:

  • Set of 3: Only 3 identical cards.
  • Straight: At least 3 cards have consecutive values ​​and they have the same suit.

To create links Phom Then you have to really skillfully grasp the situation of the round. Besides, there is no shortage of luck that will be a factor to help members hunt for big bonus points.

Valid links create Phom

The secret to playing Phom well and defeating all opponents

If you want to win for yourself, players should try to improve their reward hunting skills. Below we will update you with some tips that have been applied and are truly effective.
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Shorten the score

Players should try to draw their trash points as low as possible. After 2 rounds, if you don’t see an opportunity to create a connection for the cards, quickly defeat them so that your trash score at the end of the round is no longer high.

Or you can lower your cards in order of score from high to low after going through the first rounds without the opportunity to create straights or sets of 3. If you still keep them in your hand, your risk of losing will increase. many times higher.

Tips for playing well for new players

Know how to bet appropriately

When starting to play Phom Not everyone has the skills and experience right away. Therefore, please set appropriate bet values ​​to limit high losses. Specifically:

  • In the first games, you should only give small numbers to probe your opponents and know whether their level is good or not. After that, players gradually adjust their capital to increase or decrease to best suit their situation.
  • If you play Phom online, know how to withdraw prizes quickly when you win. When you set the reward value higher, you can easily fall into the situation of using up all your betting capital without knowing it.

As long as you know how to use your capital properly, earning high reward points is not difficult. That’s why you should pay close attention to easily get the right level of income.


Interesting information about card games Phom We have updated the article. Hopefully from the above sharing, you will clearly understand the rules of the game and quickly grasp the opportunities to hunt for rewards. Don’t forget to reach out Hi88, register an account to join an entertainment paradise with unique card games.

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