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 New88 – The prize exchange card game portal has been among the top quality bookmakers on the market today for many years in a row. If you are a player who is passionate about thrilling, thrilling betting halls every day, you definitely should not miss the games here. Together 789Bet homepage Go deeper and learn more about the house New88 right inside this article.

Introducing the house New88

Everyone who has a passion for card games with prizes knows the name of the house New88.  New88 is a large-scale reward game portal, giving players the opportunity to experience the most attractive games. System of dealer  New88 Diverse with many online game genres, players can freely choose to participate and receive rewards.

Services of New88 Invested in comprehensive upgrades, there are many advantages to help New88 quickly surpass other giants in the market to become the most prestigious and professional game portal in 2021.

The advantages of the house New88

It’s no coincidence that the bookie New88 can achieve achievements and maintain its current position. It’s all thanks to the outstanding advantages that the house’s staff has worked hard to build over a long period of time.

Attractive interface

New88 It is considered to have an extremely beautiful and attractive interface for players. Theme of New88 Eye-catching and extremely trendy design. Utilities and games are arranged with the most logical and reasonable layout, helping players to easily find information and games extremely conveniently.

In addition, the most vivid and eye-catching 3D images will also help players easily find the games that suit them best. One of the biggest advantages of the house is its support for Vietnamese user interface. Thanks to that, players can easily perform operations at the house without encountering any difficulties.

Impressive entertainment space

Impressive entertainment space with countless different attractive games is the biggest advantage of New88. This is also the reason why this house has a large number of players.

Games at New88 Designed for many different ages of players, everyone can participate and enjoy the ultimate entertainment space. With a diverse playground system, players can choose any game that suits them.

Extremely high security service

Dealer New88 have never received any negative feedback related to customer information security issues. System of New88 Strong investment, creating solidity and extremely safety. Transaction information and customer information are carried out on the house’s system New88 are all encrypted. Ensure there is no loss or leakage of information during transmission. Therefore, you can completely feel secure when making transactions at the house.

Diverse and attractive promotional programs

Exclusive offers for players on our system New88 frequently deployed as

  • Promotion for new players on the system.
  • Give money to players who successfully introduce new users.
  • Deposit promotion for players who deposit money for the first time on the system.
  • Get extra percentage when depositing money through different forms.
  • Get extra money every day when performing tasks on the system.

Players of games such as jackpot, lottery, card games… will regularly receive daily, weekly and monthly events. All players on the system’s New88 You will always receive the best deals that not all bookmakers can offer.

Fast transaction method

Besides many attractive promotions, New88 There is also a quick and convenient payment system. Players can choose the most convenient payment methods today such as visa cards, phone cards, credit cards, e-wallets… the house’s transaction portal has been improved and upgraded to bring satisfaction. best for players.

Play games at New88 When winning, the player can receive the entire winning amount. The house’s redemption rate is 1:1. Players will not incur any additional costs or discounts.

Dedicated customer service

New88 has a team of professional and specialized player support staff. When players encounter any problems while performing operations on the system, they can contact support staff directly to answer their questions. Present New88 Provides many different support methods for players to choose from such as live chat, phone number, email…

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Betting products at the bookmaker New88

Dealer New88 is one of the reward game portals with the most attractive games on the market. With strong investment, New88 Regularly update new games and upgrade old games. From there, it brings the most relaxing and impressive entertainment space with countless games and attractive prizes.

Slots game with rewards

Slots game with rewards New88 is the most played game even though these games have high difficulty. However, the house’s Slots games have large winning bonuses, so many people still choose to participate. The house’s slot game warehouse New88 Extremely rich and attractive, it will bring an extremely impressive entertainment game space.

Lucky draw

One of the advantages of New88 The game system that is sought after by many players is the lucky draw game system. If you are a person who is passionate about numbers, don’t miss this game genre here New88. Players can refer to some of the most popular lucky draw games at the main house: lottery, lottery, keno, number game, coin toss…

Attractive card game

New88 owns a large store of card exchange games and is on the list of bookmakers that attract millions of players every day. As long as you have a little experience, you can participate in practice and receive great prizes.

Here, you will not be disappointed with the entertainment space here. Surely you will become a professional player. Card games that are highly appreciated by players at the house are: Tien Len Nam, Poker, Phom, Tien Len Counting Cards, Xam, Lieng, Blackjack, Mau Binh… players can freely choose and participate. to receive rewards.

Instructions for participating in house entertainment New88

Currently New88 has been optimized so that players can participate on many different platforms. Now, you only need to own a smart device with an Internet connection to be able to bet at the house anytime, anywhere.

In addition to the game portal on the website, the house also supports players on phone or tablet devices. On the app, players can download the app New88 go and install and join.

On iOS devices, you just need to do the following

  • Step 1: Visit the App Store and search for keywords New88 at the app store.
  • Step 2: The system will return the results to you when you see the dealer’s logo New88 you choose Download
  • Step 3: After opening the application, register your information.

Similar to the iOS application, the Android application also performs the same operations.

  • Step 1: Visit the CH Play store and search New88 in the search bar.
  • Step 2: Select the dealer’s icon and download
  • Step 3: After opening the application, register your information.


We hope that the information we provide in this article has helped you gain a comprehensive view of the card game portal. New88. Don’t hesitate, register as a member and bet today to win valuable prizes!

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