New88 quick games: Top 4+ games you shouldn’t miss in 2023

Fast game New88 attracts many players to experience every day. There are many interesting games here such as Hilo, Golden Ball, Lucky Star, Upside Down Chess,…

Top New88 fast games you should not miss in 2023

Top NEW88 ĐĂNG NHẬP fast games you should not miss in 2023 are Hilo, Golden Ball, Lucky Star, Upside Down Flag,…

Hilo – New88 fast game you should not miss

Hilo is a fast New88 game you should not miss today. The game requires you to plan your bets properly when participating. Game play is extremely simple and easy with many different bet levels.

In a game, you just need to bet the amount you want and then click to bet low or bet high as you like.

In which low bet or high bet the winning number sequence is shown below, changing the win rate by 3 will change the winning number sequence.

Golden Ball

Golden Ball is also a quick New88 game that many people choose to participate in. This game is designed as an entertainment tool for children.

Entering the game, your task is to find the golden ball, you must open all the squares but do not press on the box containing the mines. If you click on it, the player will lose immediately.

The game is quite simple, you just need to interact with the machine and think and calculate to open the box on the screen. All participants need to do is place a small bet and luck.

Lucky Star

Lucky Star – attractive and interesting New88 fast game at the online bookmaker. Each box hides a star or landmine, your task is to find the correct box with the star to win.

On the contrary, if you enter a box with a mine, you will immediately lose and lose the amount you bet previously. The game has simple rules, relying heavily on luck, but you also need calculation.

However, players also need to pay attention to avoid choosing to play automatically, which will cause you to lose quickly. Instead, observe carefully before making your decision.

Flag face down

Upside down is also an attractive game that you should not miss. Each game starts with 32 pieces, divided equally into each side: 16 red pieces and 16 black pieces, including 7 types. Initially, the pieces except the General will be placed face down.


The game is somewhat complicated, so those who are participating for the first time need to clearly understand the rules to make the participation process easy. However, the attractiveness of the game cannot be ignored, winning a bet is not easy.

That’s why you need to carefully calculate the right moves to quickly bring yourself victory. In Up Chess, there will be many different playing rooms from low to high depending on the player’s own ability, so choose the appropriate table for yourself.

Drop the ball to win money

Dropping the ball for money is a game that is taking the market by storm. This game has a high degree of chance, so when participating, you need to rely on this factor quite a lot.

To participate in this game and win, you need to have experience for yourself. At the same time, understand the rules of the game so that the betting process goes smoothly.

How to play games quickly at New88

How to participate in playing games quickly at New88 is extremely easy and fast, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: First, visit the bookmaker using the standard link below and register/log in to your betting account.New88
  • Step 2: Next, select the card game item on the menu toolbar -> Then click on quick game.
  • Step 3: Complete the series of games displayed, you choose the game you want to bet on.
  • Step 4: After choosing the game, bet the amount you want and play the game.
  • Step 5: Finally, wait for the system to notify you of the results and receive a reward if you win.


Fast Games New88 brings you many attractive, interesting and equally dramatic games. In particular, the games all have simple rules, high winning rates combined with luck to help you win many rewards.

Hopefully the above shares will help you know the top 4+ games you should not miss in 2023. You can also choose the right New88 quick game to participate in. Don’t forget to follow the system today to update more useful information for yourself.

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