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Lithium ion Battery Uses, Features & Benefits

The use of lithium-ion batteries has revolutionized the way laptops and mobiles function. What has changed in recent years is the lithium-ion battery usage in inverter systems.

The traditional batteries may be slightly lesser expensive, but they consume more space, require intensive cooling and demand frequent replacement. On the other hand, lithium ion battery uses are plenty because they are compact, long-lasting, and have energy density.

What are Lithium-ion Batteries? 

These batteries work due to lithium-ion movement from positive to negative electrodes and vice versa to charge and discharge. The anode comprises graphitic carbon electrodes with metal backings.

The movement of the ions is through the anode to the electrolyte and cathode, where they finally meet the electron to neutralize.

Lithium-ion battery uses in the commercial space were found in the 1980s, a relatively new technology. It was in 1996 that a more stable formulation of Li-ion batteries was introduced. It is Lithium Iron Phosphate and is a non-combustible formulation. This invention has made lithium ion battery uses more viable and popular.

Lithium-ion Battery Uses:

Now that we have understood what lithium-ion battery technology is and its workings, let’s focus on learning the many lithium-ion battery uses:

  • It is used to power the inverter system, making it an excellent power backup in residential and commercial spaces. The lithium-ion battery usage is also seen across portable power packs to charge phones, laptops, etc.
  • It powers portable appliances like mobile, tablets, laptops, drones, and electronic toys, among others.
  • Having transformed the consumer electronics sector, it is now changing the automobile sector with regard to electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • These batteries are the best for solar panels because they charge fast.
  • Ideal for a remote monitoring system because of its long life and low self-discharge rate.

Benefits of Li-ion Battery

The popularity of the products is owing to several advantages it offers. They are:

  1. Longevity: These batteries have a relatively long lifespan and can be used for up to eight to ten years without replacement. On the other hand, a traditional battery usually lasts three to five years. The lithium ion batteries usually outlast the inverter itself. Low active maintenance and an almost negligible impact of extreme temperatures have widened lithium-ion battery usage.
  2. Lesser Time to Recharge: Upon complete discharge, the traditional batteries may take up to 12 hours to recharge to 90%. The time that Li-ion batteries take is usually two to four hours. This feature reduces the risk of facing outages during frequent power cuts.
  3. Integration with Battery Management System (BMS): Li-ion batteries come with BMS, which regularly shares information about the battery’s health. It also protects the battery from current, temperature fluctuations, and over and undercharging. BMS works by adjusting the battery charging to make it more efficient.
  4. Non-Memory Effect: One of the reasons why lithium-ion battery uses are plenty is also because of the non-memory effect. It’s an effect recorded when a rechargeable battery loses its maximum energy capacity after being recharged repeatedly upon being only partially discharged. This benefit makes these batteries long-lasting and reliable.
  5. High Energy Density: The batteries have a high energy capacity without being bulky. These are compact and lightweight, but it doesn’t affect their performance. This is why it finds high usage across portal devices.
  6. Performance: They are high-performing and work best for high-power appliances.The lithium-ion batteries supply more current to applications compared to other batteries. They can deliver up to 3.6V.

Other benefits include more recharge cycles, low maintenance, and an eco-friendly build. With these unique advantages, the lithium-ion battery uses are manifold. The Li-ion battery-powered inverters have also been rising in preference among the masses for the same reasons.

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