How to play the lottery and win every day from experts New88

How to play the lottery and win every day from experts New88 will definitely make you satisfied. Bookmaker New88 regularly invites experts to analyze and find the winning lot. There have been many players who have been successful in taking advantage of these judgments. Let’s learn in detail about how to play the lottery every day and win every day.

Ways to win the lottery every day

There are many methods of playing the lottery to increase your odds of winning, but winning every day will sometimes not be accurate. Let’s learn how to play lottery below:

Check lots periodically

In lottery prediction, there is a method known for its ability to predict results with a high winning rate. When playing lottery, people often use statistical tools to track the cycle of numbers (lotto). There are two important factors to monitor:

  • Longest period that a set of numbers has not appeared: This is the longest period of time that a specific set of numbers has not appeared in the lottery results.
  • Current cycle of a set of numbers: Is the time period from the last time this set of numbers appeared until now.

For example: Consider the set of numbers 29 from 2017 to 2022. The longest period in which it does not appear is 25 days. If it last appeared 24 days ago, this means that this set of numbers has approached its longest cycle limit in the past few years. Therefore, the possibility that this set of numbers 29 will appear within the next 3 days is very high.

Use the triangle rule when choosing lots

This rule does the following:

  • Save the results of special prizes: You need to record the results of the special prize, first prize, second prize, third prize, and sixth prize from the previous day.
  • Compare and choose numbers: Consider the results of first and second prizes. Eliminate numbers that are the same in both prizes and keep only the numbers that are different.
  • Create a set of winning lottery numbers: Take the first 2 numbers of the first prize and combine them with the last 2 numbers of the sixth prize. Then, combine with the number 3 to form new sets of numbers. For example, if the first two numbers of the first prize are “a” and “b”, and the last two numbers of the sixth prize are “x” and “y”, then you will have sets of numbers like “a3” and “3b” to bet.

Use lottery memory cards

Even beginners can use this method to increase their chances of making profits every day. How to do it is quite simple:

  • Record the results of previous lottery draws: You need to save all the numbers that have appeared in recent lottery draws.
  • Eliminate duplicate numbers: Check the numbers you’ve recorded, and eliminate any numbers that appear more than once.
  • Find sets of numbers that have never appeared: From the remaining numbers, you find sets of numbers that have never appeared before in the drawing.

Note that the more data from previous draws, the more accurate the odds of finding a set of numbers that have never appeared before will be. This method helps rookies have more opportunities to make money from lottery predictions.

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Numerical dual bridge method

This technique is used in the case of lotteries with prizes of 3 or 4 digits. You look at the results of that day’s lottery, if you see sets of numbers with special shapes like ABCA (meaning the first and last digits are the same) or ABA (the first and last two digits are the same), then you can apply this technique.

For example, if the set of numbers is ABCA or ABA, you can choose to play number pairs such as AB and BA or BC and CB for the next draw. This is a method that even beginners can try.

Play lotteries using the diamond method

This technique is quite complicated and is usually only applied by experienced lottery players. You need to observe lottery results and find a specific pattern: if in three consecutive prizes.

The result has a special form of B – ABA – B (meaning the first and last prizes are the number B, the middle is the set of ABA numbers), then this is the time you should play the pair of numbers BA within the next 2 days. Many experienced players have been surprised with the positive results from this method. However, it should be noted that the appearance of such a number pattern in consecutive tournaments is not frequent, and therefore it is often overlooked by new players.

Yin-yang shadow technique

Veteran players often use the method of calculating the yin and yang number sequence, making it easier for new players to analyze and choose numbers. To apply this method, you need to observe the yin and yang number table, where each number is paired with another number according to the law of yin and yang.

For example, if the number 1 is negative, the corresponding positive number could be 6. You start by recording the results of the jackpot from the previous day, then consider the yin and yang shadow for each number in that prize.

Based on this rule, you will find pairs of numbers to combine, creating numbers with a high probability of returning for the next drawing. This method makes choosing numbers more fun and less stressful for new participants.


So you have just finished learning about ways to play the lottery every day from the experts of bookmaker  New88. If you want to bet on a reputable lottery, visit the homepage New88 Please.

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