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New888 Chess is a classic intellectual game considered an art and strategy that helps players reach the top. This sport has a history of thousands of years and has become a popular intellectual sport. Playing chess is not just about moving pieces on the board but also requires players to have the ability to plan strategies, calculate, predict and judge. Here are some good chess tips from New88 to help you get started.

What is chess?

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Chess is a popular board game and intellectual sport with 64 squares on a board, alternating with black and white squares. Two players take turns controlling the pieces on the board, with the goal of capturing the opponent’s king.

Chess is believed to have originated in ancient India in the sixth century, then spread to China, Persia and Europe, becoming a popular game worldwide. Today, Chess has become a structured professional sport, with international championships, world championships and even online tournaments.

Chess is also an intellectual game, with positions, positions and techniques. There have been many famous players in the history of chess, and this competition is also a place for players from all over the world to show off their intelligence, creativity and ability to compete.

How to play chess well – Know the rules perfectly

Before learning to play chess well, let’s first learn the rules of chess! The rules of chess are very simple, each piece moves according to its own rules, the ultimate goal is to capture the opponent’s king. However, what is really appreciated in this game is the ability to combine chess moves, tactical thinking, calculation, prediction, decisiveness and time management skills.

The rules of chess are very simple, each piece moves according to its own rules, the ultimate goal is to capture the opponent’s king. These are the basic rules of chess

Some basics on how to play chess well

Some basics of how to play chess well

Chessboard: The Chess game is designed on a chessboard consisting of 64 squares, alternating between black and white squares. The board is arranged so that the first square to the left and bottom of each player is black.

Chess Pieces: The game of Chess includes a total of 32 chess pieces, with each player owning 16 pieces, including: King, Queen (also called King), Bishop (also called Bishop), Rook (also called the Tower), the Horse (also known as the Knight) and the Pawn (also known as the Pawn).

Moves in the game

King: Has the ability to move to any square in any direction on the chessboard.

Queen: Moves freely diagonally or horizontally, not bound by the number of squares on the board.

Bishop: Makes diagonal moves without restrictions on the number of spaces on the board.

Rook: Move horizontally or vertically without encountering barriers from the number of cells on the chessboard.

Horse: Makes a move in an “L” shape, starting by moving 2 spaces horizontally or vertically, then moving one space diagonally opposite.

Pawn: At first, the Pawn can only move one space forward. After passing its original position, the Pawn can move one square forward or attack an opposing square diagonally.
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How to play chess well – Objectives and endings

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The core goal of each player in Chess is to capture the opponent’s King. When the King is threatened in an unsafe position, known as “checkmate”, the player must find a way to protect or move the King out of that dangerous situation. If there is no way to save the King, the player will be “checked” and fail.

The game ends in three cases: one of the two players captures the opponent’s King (victory), there are no more legal moves for the King (draw), or one of the two players surrenders (defeat).

However, Chess is a complex game, with many details and diverse tactical and strategic moves. To become a professional player, it is necessary to practice and master the skills and understand how to play chess well in every match.


If you want to become a chess master, you need to practice and practice regularly to perfect your skills. Compete with different opponents and participate in professional chess tournaments. Through New88’s article, you surely know how to play chess well, right? Hopefully our above sharing will help you be more confident and make winning decisions in chess.

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