How to light up a room with a view

How to light up a room with a view


There’s always a trend once in a while that radically changes the global design scene and it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve with your home decor and lighting layout. For years, big windows and rooms with a view were usually prohibited to large buildings or skyscrapers, but the ceiling-to-floor windows are now quite common in almost every layout and it makes your living space quite extravagant too. 

Now, that you’ve got a place with big windows and a beautiful view to complete the look, you need to plan your lighting layout very carefully. Although it’s not very difficult to light these kinds of rooms up, it can be quite tricky as you have to think about the glares and the shadows and that the lighting fixtures complement both the daytime and nighttime setting. You don’t really have to sweat it out as we have you covered and we bring the best tips and tricks to light up such spaces effortlessly

  1. Consider all sources of light when planning the lighting layout

If your room receives a good amount of natural light, then you need to make sure you get lighting fixtures that complement that source of light. With big windows, you need to consider a lot of aspects like glares, shadows and reflections and that’s when you’ll need fixtures that can manipulate the ambient lighting. 

  1. Lighting fixtures to accentuate the daytime setting 

With a lot of natural lighting entering your space, lighting fixtures embellished with crystals can add a strong aura to your daytime setting. Going with a crystal chandelier is an absolute no-brainer and crystal table lamps can enhance the look of the space too. Alternatively, you can also go with lighting fixtures flaunting clear glass be it a chandelier, table lamp or wall light. 

  1. Be careful with the nighttime setting

When it comes to such spaces in your home, dusk time can prove to be slightly challenging. And the best lighting fixtures to light up the space would be dimmable LED designs. If you get a dimmable LED chandelier, a table lamp or a wall light, you can easily manipulate the ambiance of your space and these lighting designs can help you make that perfect transition from the daytime setting to the nighttime quite effortlessly. 

  1. Don’t forget to make the room functional 

When you add functionality in the space, you obviously have to go with sharp lighting fixtures that can help you out with your chores. Now you have to be very careful in choosing the lighting designs here as you need to make sure that there are no shadows or glares. Pendant lights, floor lamps or wall lights with downlighters can be the perfect lighting fixtures to accentuate the energy of the space. 

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