High Exudate Wound Dressings: A Modern Approach to Aid Healing

When it comes to wound healing, many people are familiar with a type of wound dressing called a gauze roll. However, this post provides an in-depth look at the modern-day version of gauze rolls – high exudate wound dressings! Wounds that produce excess fluid need to be treated and managed to heal – and a high exudate wound dressing provides the necessary care for this process.

What is a high exudate wound dressing?

A high exudate wound dressing is a wound dressing that helps control excess fluid buildup and can speed healing. Hypertonic wound dressings are made of absorbent material, such as gauze or peri-wound film, impregnated with a gel or solution containing antibiotics and other medications. The gel or solution forms a protective layer over the wound and helps slow the flow of fluid. Hypertonic wound dressings are often used for wounds prone to excessive bleeding, such as cuts and gunshot wounds.

How Can Highly Exuding Wound Dressings Aid Healing?

High exudate wound dressings are a relatively new type of dressing that has gained popularity in recent years for their ability to aid in wound healing. High exudative dressings consist of sheets or pads of sterile adhesive material soaked with a high-concentration saline solution.

The sticky material attracts and holds blood and other fluids, providing a moist environment for the skin, which helps speed up the healing process. A robust saline solution also helps flush out infections and remove debris from the wound.

High exudate dressings are often used with other types of wound care products, such as compression garments and wound cleansers. Working in tandem, these products can help improve the overall healing process of infection-prone wounds.


If the wound is large or severe, Winner Medical‘s high exudate dressing may be needed. These dressings are designed to help promote healing and prevent the transfer of infection. Wound dressings are an important part of any wound care regimen. They help protect wounds and speed up healing by trapping debris and fluid.

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